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dear blog


thank you for this place where I have been able to share my thoughts and experiences
thank you for this home for my art work
thank you for inspiring me to do more photography
thank you for amazing learning opportunities and connections
thank you for the gifts of many new friends around the world
as one who's never kept a regular diary, I am stunned that I've written 1557 entries and some of the over 8,400 comments!
happy seventh anniversary, dear blog, it's been an astonishing journey!

From the archives, if you are interested:
the first anniversary, second, third, fourth, fifth, and the sixth

Marja-Leena | 01/02/2011 | 27 comments
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Oh, happy anniverary to you and your dear and beautiful blog, which has brought me both your friendship and the privilege of seeing your art and its process close up!

You are a rare bird. My blog is now mature and possibly tiring but yours is a continuing marvel. You inspire.

Jean and Susan, thank you so much, my friends. Both your blogs are beautiful and an inspiration. I do sometimes feel like I'm just repeating myself or have nothing to say or show, but these ups and downs are part of life, aren't they? Anyway I'm too addicted to stop completely even if I slow down.

Thank you so much for your wonderful art. It inspires me always.

Hello Marja-Leena

You have said it all, seven years....An amazing achievement.

How fortunate we are to live at this time, being able to communicate with people we have never met across the world, and for it to bring such friendships, inspiration and learning to us all.

When I was young...A long time ago... Computers were used to just play that funny table tennis game, Which we thought was amazing! Who would have thought that it would all lead to the internet and the ability to 'meet' inspirational like yourself.

Congratulations, every post that you write is a treat, for me the best are when you include Myths and Legends and items on Finland, its people and culture, always a joy, thank you.

May you continue blogging for at least another 7 years..

Happy blogging birthday

~ Julie

happy bloggy birthday! xx

And I thank you for your friendship and the beauty you have shown me and the community that we formed together. In a new way that never existed before blogging, blogging changed my life. I've met people I never would have otherwise, both online and in real life. I'm still glowing from our encounter in Vancouver now two and a half years ago! Seems like yesterday!

Hattie, thanks for your support and friendship.

Julie, thank you, and I'm so pleased to have met you at your colourful blog just this past year! How computers and then blogs have changed our world.

Elisa, thanks, also to J for starting me on this!!

Miguel! Thank you, so wonderful to have you visit. I've known you through our blogs a long time now and was equally thrilled to have met you in person here in Vancouver. Actually it was in the summer of 2009. I went into the archives and found this and this . It was an amazing year of meeting several bloggers in the UK as well as here. Hope we shall meet again!

Wow, happy 7th blogday, Marja-Leena! You contribute so much beauty to the world with this blog. Wishing you many many more happy blog years.

Ja on kivaa että olet nimenomaisesti kanadansuomalainen! Ja ymmärrät hirveän hyvin vanhempiesi kieltä!

Congratulations also in English! It has been fine to get to know your third language too, the visual one.

Happy blogday, Marja-Leena, and many more to come. Your blog is always an oasis of peace, creativity and sympathetic interest in the world around you. Thank you and congratulations, I'm happy to have met you.

Leslee, thanks, I'm not too far behind your lovely blog, which I think I've known almost as long!

Ripsa, kiitos. Tämä bloggaaminen on ollut hyvä tapa pitää yllä suomenkieltä! Reading and commenting on Finnish blogs like yours is good for me, helping me to keep up my Finnish. And thanks, I love what you call my third language!

Natalie, thanks so much for your support and friendship and the inspiration you've given me through your blog! I hope we'll meet again!

Hurrah! Tonight I shall raise a special glass to you Marja-Leena! Let's make it a Bell Winter White Ale, abundantly flavourful with wheat and spices. Happy 7th! I'm so happy to read that you're still excited by the whole bloggery blog experience. I am, too and look forward to many, many more posts and comments.

Congratulations. And what a rich anniversary photograph! I like the sense of concentrated juice in those hips.

Happy blog day, M-L! I'm glad you are here!

Happy anniversary, Marja-Leena. Your art is inspiring and uplifting, and I'm grateful that you share it here for the rest of us to appreciate.

Rouchswalwe, ah, I wish I could be there to taste that special Ale, thank you!

Joe, thank you. Those lovely rose hips were on a bush in front of our daughter's home where we spent Christmas. Mine are all shrivelled and blackened.

MB, thank you, and I'm glad you still visit! Any thoughts of starting a new blog to show off the photos coming from your new camera?

Martha, thank you, I'm glad my work gives pleasure. All the positive and supportive comments from you and so many others keeps me going with this blog!

a belated happy blogging birthday from me too.

my goodness, has it really been 7 years?! here's to the next 7 and my wish that you continue to find the experience so rewarding.

now, perhaps we should chat about this service called, twitter…

J!! So pleased to have you visit. Yes, 7 years, isn't that something? Thanks to you for starting me on this fascinating (and addictive) project. Twitter? Elisa keeps asking me to join but I think I already spend too much time on this 'puter. And it may take time away from the blog, I've seen it happen to too many of my favourtie blogs.

i only meant to tease…

but, you might think of a twitter feed as an extension to the site, akin to your gallery. certainly that's how elisa's been using it and the integration between the two spaces is something she's finding enjoyable…

J, yes, you do that :-) I do like how Elisa's twitter fits well on her blog and I see some other bloggers use it in a similar way, almost like short poetry sometimes. Still.... I'm not much for clever or poetic short lines.... we'll see.


I have been rooting around your blog (pictures! photographs! old Finnish jewelry! etc.) and having a good time... happy anniversary to your big-kid-now blog.

Marly, thanks so much for your kind words and for visiting - I'm so pleased! I know and admire your lovely work from qarrtsiluni.

So busy I missed your blogday, and I apologize, because you have been such a wonderful light in my life and companion for all these years! I think every time I've come here, you've given me something beautiful that opened my eyes a little wider, and brightened my spirit. Thank you so much, Marja-Leena!

Ah, Beth, you bring a tear to my eye. You have been the same to me ever since I got to know you and your inspiring blog soon after I started blogging. I often think of our meeting last year as a highlight in my life that burns brightly in my heart.

Shamefully late to the party, but congratulations, you are a consistent inspiration, brava!

Lucy, thank you for the congrats and the friendship!