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December sun


about 2:00 pm on December 1st looking southwest from our back deck

After the monsoon month of November with its tease of snow,
sunshine, weak as it is, delights now in December.

Yesterday morning a stunning brief surprise when driving around the bend of the road:
sun on brilliant white snowy mountain tops peeking above tall dark evergreens.
The camera of my mind's eye etched the scene to memory.

Marja-Leena | 04/12/2010 | 4 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Canada and BC


It's beautiful and a nice way to greet the morning on an overcast Halifax day.

Susan, the sunshine sure lifts our spirits this time of year, doesn't it? I'm made to think of early man and his worries as the sun's appearance waned and winter approached. It's no wonder they celebrated the solstice and the hope of longer days ahead.

Beautiful! Looks as though the boughs are attempting to hold on to the orb for a bit.

R, why yes, it does look like that! Thanks.