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Still more drawings for my digital archives. I keep thinking about the model in the first one... how long did he hold that pose? I cannot crouch like that, never have, not even for a minute.

Marja-Leena | 21/05/2012 | 4 comments
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I think I met him and his brother at a party once :-)

Your drawings are all very skillfully done - the forms beautiful and stable. No floating allowed in those days, eh?


that position is very common with people without homes, chairs, tables and alike. It's a question of learned balance with the whole body.

The feet are strong, I believe, and back muscles are in good shape.

Recently I have seen a picture of Australian aboriginial old man setting like that. But my husband, who always have had chairs and stools and all, can set in that position for a long time, people gathered around after sauna on the lake shore and telling stories about the life.

And my husband is as American as apple pie. That means I guess the Caucasian ones. I always was amused at that name on my immigration visa: Caucasian. I new the place only from maps. Now I would first think Chechenian, Georgian, Ingushetian.

We know now much more about them, right?