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Marja-Leena | 26/01/2011 | 17 comments
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Oh lucky you! The only thing growing in my area is snow.

Okay, now I'm seriously jealous :-)

Thank you for the colours! Leena from whiteness..

Cathy, Susan and Leena - I know you are all having snow, so I'm sorry if this makes you jealous. We're lucky to live in a milder though very wet climate here. Look at it this way - spring is on its way!

And you don't have to wait until April. It was already spring in San Francisco when I was there a few days ago.

Hattie, as you probably know, spring here is a long slow season, which is why I love it. I remember the one time I visited San Francisco, I think it was in February '90, and I was astonished to find grapefruits, or lemons, I forget, ripe and ready on some trees!

Oh! How happy is my heart to see these images! Haven't seen the sun here for over a week. Grey. Grey. Grey. And everyone's mood is grey, grey, grey. Colourful spring is on the way, though! Hurrah!

Our snow drops which I have not quite yet open but the buds are aching to hullo to yours.

lovely lovely - looking forward to something similar hereabouts

Rouchswalwe, I know what you mean by grey, grey! The odd sunny day is too rare here yet the hardy little flowers have just recently appeared with a few warmer days to cheer us up and give us hope.

Joe, you've had an unusaully cold winter this year, so the snowdrops are just waiting...

Fire Bird, hope spring comes soon for you after your hard winter!

Wow, you do get spring early out there! It'll be a long time before we're out from under all our snow back East.

All lovely, but the snowdrops are the best, they never thrive here, I don't know why.

Leslee, you certainly are having a lot of snow! I think of the snowdrops as the true harbingers of spring here, as they can start as early as the beginning of January some years.

Lucy, curious that snowdrops don't do well in Brittany - is it too cold for them? I'd never seen them until we moved here for it's far too cold in most elsewhere in Canada.

beauties. oh, we're behind you, it's been so icy cold, though i have seen a few shooting green sprouts. but it feels a bit like spring won't every come! at least we are south and might get it soon x

Elisa, you've had a cold winter, no wonder you are behind. Even here, the snowdrops are a bit late, but the yellow crocus is early! Hope you get spring soon!

Oh! Oh! And to think it will be 2 1/2 - 3 more months before we see these! We must be crazy to live in this climate!

Beth, I know, I remember the first 25 years of my life lived in very cold climates. Hope it warms up soon for you in Montreal.