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early this morning


looking through the skylight,
a glimmer of sunshine,
too brief

Marja-Leena | 09/06/2008 | 12 comments
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This lovely photo captures the feeling of how a June morning should look.

Thanks Olga, but the day turned out awful - stormy downpours and so cold, only 9C. June has been unusually cold so far, on top of a cold spring too. I still have not finished my planting. These odd glimmers of sunshine are all that more special.

If you need some hot weather, I've have plenty here to send to you.

Cathy, I've heard about the heat wave back east! Sounds too hot to me. I know, I'm picky - not too cold, not too hot, that's me!

but all the more beautiful for its fleeting appearance?

Love this image.
The condensation on the window suggests warm indoors and chilly outside.
The sun is casting the same kind of light here today.

Mouse, absolutely!

herhimnbryn, thanks for dropping by! Interesting to compare our opposite seasons...

Condensation on glass is always a source of interest. You show it beautifully here as it filters to the world outside.

I saw the weather forecast for you today! I think it's going to get more summery.

Joe, thanks. We have so many skylights that I'm always aware of this when my view is affected.

Lucy, you checked? Wow! Yes, at last there's hope for summer; the sun is trying to break through the clouds at this moment. The house was 16C this morning. It's been the coldest wettest June ever. Oh, my poor tomato plants, and I still haven't done all the summer annuals, just as well.

Lovely image, clever you to spot it, I'd likely have been straight in there with the mopping cloth and have missed the potential.

Anna, thanks! If the condensation had been on the inside, I would have done the same! Being on the outside though, it was kind of a visual distraction and a new look at the everyday view.