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Easter weekend


spring, rye grass, pussy willows, birch twigs, tissue paper flowers
virpovitsa whisking, children with cowbells
decorated eggs, egg hunt, dancing sun
mämmi porridge, flying witches, begging children

All of the above are a curious blend of Eastern and Western traditions assimilated into the Finnish Easter.

This year we will miss the annual Easter egg hunt around our house with our granddaughters. Hauskaa Pääsiäistä, Joyeuses Pâques, Frohes Ostern, Happy Easter! Enjoy the long weekend, dear readers.

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Happy Easter and may your weekend be family-oriented, fun, and restful!

And a very happy Easterfest to you, Marja-Leena! Wishing for sunshine and togetherness with friends and family!

Hauskaa Pääsiäistä dear Marje-Leena, and may much chocolate be consumed!

Our stretch of gloomy weather continues, but we will celebrate not only Easter but several family birthdays.
Happy Easter to you!

Thank you all, hope you are having the same! It's raining hard here this morning but it's making the garden greener than ever and bringing out the camellias and magnolias. We're enjoying a quiet relaxing weekend with just one daughter at home, the others out of town and country. We'll have a video chat with our granddaughters (in London) Easter morning.

Hei Marja-Leena.

Olen Unelma, ihan uusi bloggaaja. Tyttäreni auttoi minua avaamaan oman blogin. Aikomukseni on kirjoittaa vanhoja tarinoita elämäni varrelta.

Tulin katsomaan kuviasi, kun valokuvaus kiinnostaa. Sain eilen uuden kameran ja nyt opettelen sitä käyttämään.

Kiitos, kun sain vierailla sivuillasi.

Hei Unelma! Kiitos kun kävit ja kirjoitit, näin on mukava tutustua uuteen suomalaisen blogiin. Onnea ja paljon iloa kameran ja blogin kansa!

There you go, celebrating your multi-lingualism. If you've got it, flaunt it.

No spring like a northern spring, I believe.

Barrett, just like you flaunt your French, eh, my friend?

Lucy, yes, at least we do still have four seasons to enjoy! I have to remind myself that much of Canada is still under snow.

Happy Easter, Marja-Leena! I just ate some Finnish chocolate given to me by my Finnish friend here - yumm!

Beth, thanks. Mmm, I want some of what you are having too!