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- a small collagraph print with colour added digitally

I am so pleased with this new blog design. As it turns out, it is the perfect eighth blog anniversary gift from Elisa and J, though likely the timing was serendipitous. As you may recall, it was J who started me on this fascinating and addictive project eight years ago. I've surprised myself that it's still going, even if sometimes limping along (like me).

This is the biggest redesign yet, affecting many areas of the blog. If I recall correctly, this may be the third banner, after the one put up on its 4th anniversary. Then a couple of years ago, youngest daughter Erika changed the font. As I wrote then, I'm very picky about fonts so am pleased we found this one called Calluna Sans Light.

This redesign is still a work-in-progress, as are most creative projects, with a few little details to adjust. One new and developing feature is the 'About' page. You might notice the old gallery/slide show is gone because Flash no long works with this design. Hopefully a new improved one will come sometime. So many dead links floating around now - will I need to update them all?

I wonder if anyone else feels a sense of loss when changing things in a bigger way. Like the's just not the same to have the digital file and a screen shot as to see the whole blog with it. Rather like when moving house, I feel sadness leaving the old one, but nervousness and excitement with the new. I hope to have more adventures ahead, shared in the deep pleasure of friendship with all of you readers. Thank you for being here on this journey.

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Marja-Leena | 01/02/2012 | 12 comments
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Congratulations on reaching eight! I do like your clean look in the new design, and the blue text. I must admit that from time to time I wish that I had the control and knowledge to do something about the look of my blog, but hey, life's too short. I did however, enjoy Simon Garfield's book Just my type about typefaces. It is documentary, but very light about it.

I hope that the opening of the exhibition goes really well.

Congratulations on both your blogging longevity and the beautiful new design, which I'm sure you'll very soon feel completely at home with!

To the next eight years here...

The new design give your blog an air of uniqueness and distinction. Love it!
Flash is being very strange. It can be got to work, but it takes a lot of tweaking.

Olga, thank you. Just a few minor kinks to sort out but it's working well, something I certainly would not be able to do myself. That book sounds interesting, will look it up. And thanks again for the opening wishes - tomorrow evening already!

Lucy, thanks greatly! Not sure about another eight years though, do you think this medium will still be around?

Hattie, thanks to you too! I'm not a techie but I've heard that Flash is not so popular anymore because of certain problems. I could not add any more albums to my 'gallery' for one thing and I'm told it would not work at all in this design upgrade.

Happy birthday! and many more returns, for as long as the medium supports them!

When you live with something for a long time and put your heart into it, it is difficult let go, isn't it? But this is a very beautiful design, so I'm sure you'll soon grow very fond of it and can't imagine being without it.

First, let me say I love the collagraph. Of course it looks like a rose to me but like a rose from an unearthly landscape where everything contains hints of things well known but go a little deeper into more mysterious realms.

I love the way your new blog design is shaping up. As I said previously it's very elegant yet warm and homey at the same time. Your taste in fonts is exquisite and I can see why you prefer this one as well as the clarity of the gentle colours against the soft background.

A sense of loss with change is certainly something I'm familiar with. It was necessary a year or so ago to update my blog with the tools available and I like the way it looks now. On the personal side I feel as though I've already moved a few times beyond my natural limits and we're not home yet.

I'm most delighted to have met you along this journey.

rr, thanks so very much!

Miguel, don't get me wrong, I love this new design! What I meant was that I wish there was a better way to save the old versions for an occasional revisit, sort of like your old paper version of a diary, or hanging on to a very favourite old piece of clothing.

Susan, I'm so pleased you love the collagraph. I made this version especially for this occasion. Yes, I see a rose there too which is one reason I colorized it but not too sweetly to keep some suggestion of mystery. I appreciate your positive comments on the web design too - thanks go to Elisa for that! And yes, you certainly have moved a lot, not just on the web but physically and beyond! It is an amazing journey.

I love the new header. Happy belated blogday!

Dave, thanks so much! We've "known" each other almost that long.

Happy blog-day!

I like the triumverate of rose, labyrinth, crinum... (As I see it in my strange little head!)

Marly, thanks, and I love the interesting things you see!