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Ekphrasis 12

I feel very humble and honoured that my new blog-friend Tall Girl felt inspired by a pair of my etchings Nexus IX and X. She wrote mark in response to my work as well as to the challenge of Qarrstsiluni's current theme of ekphrasis, "poetry in dialogue with visual art".

It's been accepted and is now posted at Qarrstsiluni, so do please go read it and congratulate Tall Girl on her thoughtful and moving poem. Many warm thanks, Tall Girl, and all the wonderful editors of this fabulous literary and visual art e-zine!

Marja-Leena | 13/04/2007 | 5 comments
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I am also honoured to have had this opportunity to respond to your thrilling work in words, my own medium. It was an interesting and enjoyable challenge, and I'm glad it came out well!

Each piece of your work is itself a visual poem, distilling the spirit of the past, fusing humanity and nature. I keep thinking about my reaction to Assemblage III - about my comment on its contemporary feel, and I think this is where the reproduction on a monitor interferes with a true appreciation of your work. I suspect that if I could see the effect of the mylar that this most recent piece would not have made such a particularly contrasting impression. I do think about your work a lot.

Tall Girl - thank you! Your poem is so special for me that I'm going to save it!

Olga - thank you so much for your very thoughtful and touching words! They mean the world to me! I too wish you could see the work in real life...when are you coming to Vancouver?

Very beautiful, perfectly matched and pitched.

Lucy, thanks, I think so too! Tall Girl has a gift and I've been blessed with it.