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Have you ever wanted to be an elf?

The Elf academy is being set up in Rovaniemi, Lapland where you can become a certified elf.

This is the right place, after all it is the land of Santa and Santa tourism.

(Image: Helsingin Sanomat)

Marja-Leena | 06/11/2007 | 3 comments
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Lapland and Iceland are elf countries. Do you know the singer Björk? I love her songs about elves.

You'd need to be certified to want to be one of those... actually looks more like a garden gnome.
I'm sure there's lots of witty word play to be made on wishing you good 'elf, and such like, but I'm not the woman to do it just now!
Lovely last couple of posts too.

Olivia - I think all the Nordic countries have elves and trolls! Yes, I know Björk a little, she's a favourite of one of my daughters. I'll have to look for those songs, thanks.

Lucy, thanks. This news made me smile and I hope most readers would feel the same way, with or without witticisms!