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Marja-Leena | 29/09/2010 | 13 comments
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interesting colours! I can't say I know what this protuberance is.

That's beautiful, whatever it may be.

Thanks Taina and Dave. I don't know what you'd call this - a metal thing, with a rock below it, embedded into a concrete seawall below a waterfront home, Perhaps it's used to tie a boat though the rings seemed too small. I was attracted by its mystery and lovely colours.

What a wonderful shape and beautiful colours. I just love obscure treasures.... great photograph.

~ Julie

"Embedded" was appropriate following a reminder from Peace Action West that next Thursday marks the ninth year of the U.S. in Afghanistan. Sorry, to bring my own politics to this compelling image.

Julie, thanks for the comment and visit!

Naomi, actually that's interesting because you've reminded me of another meaning for "embedded", that of military journalism I think. My original thoughts had been with two meanings - an object firmly stuck in a surrounding mass (like in the photo) as well as the computing term. There are numerous other definitions which is why the English language is a confusing one, imho!

As for politics, I admire your activism, Naomi. Canadian soldiers are also involved in Afghanistan but not much in a peacekeeping role as usually has been in past conflicts in the world.

Just back from holiday. What a mysterious welcome on your blog! The shape and colour are haunting. The texture on the surface is teasing.

You are an artist, you can see beauty in things many people do not notice, thank you for showing & sharing!

Joe, welcome back and thanks for the kind words.

Leena, thanks, I appreciate that coming from another artist.

Hmmm, looks like an implement for brewing ale.

Rouchswalwe - ha! Your thought are always on the brewing of your ale :-)

it makes me long for the ocean x

Elisa, the ocean is part of you, having grown up by it. Even though I grew up far away from oceans, our family always spent a lot of time by lakes and rivers. Now, as you know, we've lived by the ocean for more than half my life, so it is part of me too.