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I was going to repeat the old cliché about March coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion (or vice-versa). The last two or three weeks have been unusually cold here, with locally variable and sometimes freaky storms of lightning and thunder, hail and snow. Saturday evening's last blast of hail and snow was quite bad in some areas. We've truly enjoyed yesterday and today's sunshine. I finally sowed tomato and basil seeds, potted up some new dahlia and stargazer lily tubers and repotted some of my rooted geranium cuttings. It's still freezing overnight but is forecast to be 12C (54F) tomorrow. At last it feels like spring. And March squeaked by like a lamb after all. April Fool's Day tomorrow - hope the weather plays no more bad jokes on us!

UPDATE April 3, 2008 The news is in: March stormed out like a lion -- a very chilly lion -- with the last seven days of the month likely the coldest in recorded history.

Marja-Leena | 31/03/2008 | 4 comments
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Funny, this weekend was bitterly cold and windy, and now on the first day of April it suddenly turned unusually warm (and still windy!). It won't last long, and it does seem like an April Fool's joke! Must be nice to be able to plant now. Hope your weather continues to improve.

Leslee, your weather sounds pretty close to ours. As for planting, those all went indoors to start out and will go outside later in May. Hope your spring has sprung at last!

Hello Marja-Leena - You are posting such wonderful photos - I love your beach images, being a beach girl! Always a pleasure dropping by your blog. We are also experiencing some up and down sort of weather, I guess it will be just cold soon enough though!

Hi Linden, thanks! I sometimes have to remind myself that our seasons are opposite.