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'Tis the last day of the month of November, and the last day of this month's challenge to write a blog post daily. I've not done this before and must admit It has been a struggle sometimes, especially the last while when I've been extra busy in the studio and then very tired in the evenings. I'm not sure I'd do it again, though my friend Jean speaks very well for the daily practice. Thank you all for reading!

Now on to December and preparations for the winter solstice celebrations. I managed to print my cards today so I feel a gratifying sense of accomplishment.

Marja-Leena | 30/11/2010 | 17 comments
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Hi Marja-Leena

Your photo's look calm and peaceful...

We have lots of snow here in Colchester at the moment and it's -3 with a wind chill of about -6.. Very chilly!

It's been a very, very good run and I've appreciated the many beautiful pictures and references. The photographs here are magnificent and tenderly captured.

Best wishes for December and the Solstice. Halifax temperatures are still in the mid-40's during the day so our long daily walks continue.

You did it with such seemingly effortless creativity and variety, Marja-Leena, that I didn't realise you were posting every day - just enjoyed it.

Julie, I follow the weather in the UK because one of our daughters and her family live there and have recently moved from London to a country cottage in East Sussex. They have snow too. Keep warm!

Susan, thanks always for your generous comments and support! We're out of the cold spell here but back into monsoon weather, it was coming down in sheets yesterday and felt very cold. A cloudy respite today and 7C at the airport, which I think is about mid 40's F. Hey, you are in Canada now and need to switch :-)

Jean, thank you, I'm glad!

I do love your photos and have learned so much from you about the aesthetics of photography. You make me really reflect on what it is that makes a good photo.
Interesting that you have decided to post more often. I have been an every day or more often poster for a long time, but I recently decided to take the weekend off. Treating blogging like a job seems to work well for me.

Hattie, I'm glad you are getting something out of my photos.

Oh, you didn't know that I was taking up the NaBloPoMo challenge to post daily in November, as I wrote on November 1st? I'll go back to writing when I have something to say or show, and have time for it, as before.

in fact we're in west sussex, and i challenge east sussex to have quite this much snow! xx

Oops, sorry, Elisa, I do get that mixed up still, don't I. You are sort of near the border of the two as I recall on the maps. How much snow do you think you've had?

I love these pictures, an exotic insect, a lizard, both with liquid eyes

I do so enjoy seeing what you capture with your macro lens. Water and drops are such seductive elements for the eye, and it is very interesting to see your pictures.

I have in the past stitched cards for close friends at New Year, but have not managed it at all this year. It has been a different pleasure to find appropriate individual cards by artists, however. Perhaps if in the same situation next year I should think about having a design printed without stitch. Thank you for inspiring that thought.

By the way, my current lack of daytime reading time has meant that my pile of books waiting for me is even taller than usual - and in that pile, about halfway down is The Art Instinct. One day I will get to it!

Julie (Mouse)!! I'm so happy to hear from you in such a long while - how are you? And I'm glad you like these photos.

Olga, thanks. Hand-stitched cards do sound marvelous. What if you made just one or two then scanned them and had them printed. Sometimes, like this year, I make a card design by hand, a sort of collage of recycled printmaking elements, then scan, play around with it in Photoshop a bit more, then print. It's been years since I hand printed my cards and as I get older, I find the need to make things a bit quicker and easier for I make about 50 cards. That's less then before in this day of emails.

I shall look forward to an always perceptive and interesting review of The Art Instinct!

I have some hopes of doing closeup work with my new Nikon. It's not really professional but good enough for my purposes.

Hattie, sounds like a good camera, looking forward to the results!

Congratulations! And lovely photos. I first saw the first photo as a bird coming in for a landing! Which makes the second one a beak. Anyway, looking forward to the solstice and turning of the year. Enjoy your preparations!

Leslee, thanks! I am looking forward to having a bit of free time soon so I can focus on all the preparations.

You've done such lovely things, well done.

Actually, one of the things about it is that it's kind of nice when it stops, and you can get stuck into the run-up to Christmas with a sense of having your hands free!

Lucy, thank you! You participated with some wonderful writing and images, as always you know! Yes, a break is a good thing and I've already skipped several days here.