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still hot and humid, even last night
wilting, dripping, headachy, cranky

Fading like these flowers (the name** has escaped me - anyone?). I did manage to register for a space this fall in the printmaking studio, swallowing a huge gulp in the jump in cost. I dearly hope by September the weather moderates so that I can have energy, both mental and physical, to get back into my artmaking. Summertime just kills that for me, every year, it must be my northern blood.

** suddenly remembered it: liatris or gay-feather

Marja-Leena | 18/08/2012 | 11 comments
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It is hot and humid here too - for a few days at least. I love doing just what your liatris are doing: sticking my feet into cold water. I am certainly glad that I have finished my stitching for the time being, and have been working on the computer which does not lead to sticky fingers.

I hope that your weather cools down in time for you to make the most of your time in the print studio. I am looking forward to the beginning of my term, but that will be at the end of September, and I expect it will be much cooler then - although one never knows these days. I have decided to move to the Intermediate class this time, so that I can get on with whatever I want, just using the teacher for help when I need it.

Ah, the liatris blooms really do look comfortable in their stony crystal bath. It still hasn't cooled down much around here either and although they've been forecasting storms tomorrow for weeks that day hasn't yet come.

It seems the cost of doing just about anything enjoyable keeps skyrocketing faster than we can keep up. I know that considering your skills and talent the money paid for the studio time will be funds well spent.

Know the feeling, yesterday was like that here too, and I felt 'all anyhow', but in fact when I looked back at the the day I had actually accomplished quite a number of smaller but quite important things, it just felt like a struggle. This morning is cool and misty-moist and a great relief.

I'd never thought to cut liatris, though in fact you do sometimes see them in florists' bunches, these photos are lovely and serene.

Lucy, a struggle it is when it's hot and muggy. Last night there was lightning far off, but no rain. Same as you this morning. I wouldn't mind a decent rain to give the garden a good drink.

I had this liatris with some hydrangeas originally, which did not last as long as these, hence this spare arrangement. I rather like the shells to give interest.

I used to like the heat, having lived in tropical countries for long periods, but now I find it hard to cope with so I sympathise, Marja-Leena. And as you can imagine, my loft-studio is like an oven in summer. However this year summer has only rarely made an appearance in London so I shouldn't complain about its late arrival in the last few days!
Glad you'll be getting back to your printmaking soon. I was thinking of having a motor fixed to my etching press so that turning the wheel would be easier under full pressure but when I found out the astronomical cost, I gave up that plan!

Good for you! I'd love to join a studio again. Anyway, I hope that you get a lot out of it... it's true that a studio is really wonderful motivation! (Unless the heat keeps on for you... my old printing studio at least, was murder in hot weather!)

Natalie, I didn't mind it in my youth in Winnipeg so much but later less and less, is it part of aging and being busier with more responsibilities.

I'm sorry to hear the cost of motorizing your press is so great. I hope you can still manage to use it. I still remember with envy your study and that you have your own press! We have several manual presses and one motorized in the print studio. I use the latter for large prints admittedly but like the cute little guy for small works.

Jodi, yes, the motivation is a good thing! Is there a printshop in your town that you could join? Ours does get hot in the summer (when I don't usually attend) and some early fall or late spring days. I am far more energetic in cool weather.

I suppose it's good that as I sigh over the August light (lovely but cool), there are some people who are happy the days are cooling!

Marly, as I've written before, you as a Southern girl love your heat and I, as a Northerner dislke too much of it. Oh, I know, when the cold monsoons of winter come....