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Added later: scanned onion skins

Marja-Leena | 26/02/2009 | 13 comments
themes: Found Objects, Photoworks


So well observed. We never think to look at the beauty of everyday things.

The tissue-paper-like, dry skins of onions and garlic always seem little short of miraculous. I used to love drawing them.

One definitely needs a net to catch those wild onions!

Your blog gets more beautiful with every post. Lovely.

Surfaces, limited colours, shines, ... lovely.

Heh. I love how you find these ordinary things and show us how beautiful and extraordinary they are!

Hattie, yes, sometimes I forget until something catches my eye and I run for the camera.

Joe, indeed, onions and garlic have such delicate skins, unique amongst vegetables. How interesting, you draw?

Rouchswalwe, the net caught the onionskins :-)

Lainie, thank you!

Olga, glad you think so.

Leslee, I enjoy it, so fun with a camera!

Make this picture the first in a two-part series. The second would be a casserole of French onion soup, so thick you could eat it with a fork. Not forgetting the dollop of cognac that goes in fairly late in the proceedings.

BB, that sounds sooo delicious!

Onions are interesting subjects. White onions against moss covered floors the kind we would find in rainy Goa used to make for interesting contrasts.

Everyday things make for interesting observations indeed.

Anil, white onions on moss sounds beautiful! I might take some out to the mossy corners of my garden and try it. A little out of context away from the kitchen but closer to the earth they came from.

nice image. I re-use the onion-net bags as scrubbers for corningware and other casserole dishes. Just fold the onion netting up into a square and handstitch into place. No need to buy pot scrubbers. It must be the Finlander in me.

Taina, I've heard about doing that, must remember next time. I like the recycling thrifty Finn label!