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just before sunrise...

at sunrise...

Marja-Leena | 15/01/2007 | 8 comments
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Those photos are the exact opposite to the situation here (surrounded by bushfires, temps well over 40deg, no air con, just played a game of touch football... you get the drift). I wish I was there with that frost right now! Only for a few minutes though.

Seriously, I love the photos. The patterning is great.

Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by and glad you like the photos! The climate differences really hit home when we talk across the globe like this! I'm glad I captured these yesterday morning before they quickly disappeared. The expected snow last night turned out to be rain at our elevation so the snow is slowly being washed away as we return to normal weather. I have mixed feelings about that.

Nature's net curtains. Lovely.

Anna - yes! I thought they look like curtains too!

Oh, gorgeous! (I thought they were curtains, at first glance.) These are truly lovely, lacey, light!

MB - glad you like them. By the way, that dark snowflake is a paper cutout done by youngest daughter. She makes dozens of these beautiful intricate cutouts in white and I still have them up on the windows. Time to take them down so that we can invite spring instead of snow and ice! Usually the snowdrops are popping up by now. I can't believe that California has had the freeze, losing most of their orange crop! How is Idaho?

hi marja-leena-- interesting, delicate photos here, i have to look at you site here more closely!

Hi Mark, welcome, and enjoy the browse around! Had a quick peek over at your place and it, too, looks interesting.