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It's the 12th day of Christmas and Epiphany (or loppiainen, a national holiday in Finland). It's the day we try take down the Christmas tree and decorations and I'm making a slow start on that, leaving some of it for this evening when youngest daughter is home from work.

Following another snow dump on Sunday night, today looks like the end of snow days are near. Something like an amazing-for-Vancouver 26 days of snow on the ground still didn't match the 33 day record of 1964/65, but oh, the snow's not going away that fast. It's being mixed with a LOT of rain, causing flooding and problems with collapsing roofs. Husband has been shoveling the snow off our flat rooftop (thankfully most of it is sloped) and the decks, as well as the walks and driveway, heavy work indeed with our kind of snow. With this deluge now, we may have to make a quick change from snowshoes to hip waders in the coming days, one reporter quipped! Small ponds are emerging, scattered across our snow-full yard with a bird having a happy bath in one, small mercies! The buried kiddie toboggans are reappearing. It is getting so much darker indoors.

Marja-Leena | 06/01/2009 | 14 comments
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Great photo!

Nice picture - is it ice that is melting?

Today we'll start taking down the tree too, along with the rest of the country. Tonight Prague street corners will be covered with fallen trees!

That is a very watery photo. We're getting "wintry mix" here, which is snow, sleet and freezing rain. Hope things dry out and lighten up for you!

Dave, thanks!

Julia, it is rain washing down our sloped skylights!

Leslee, the ice part is treacherous so be careful! We've had some of that "wintry mix" here too, in between the heavy snow so driving has been tricky. Thanks, I do hope at least the high snowbanks full of water will be gone soon.

We seem to be getting the first winter in two years in Vaasa. It's already down to -9 C, and promises to keep going down to -20 tonight, then we'll get a Western interruption with more snow and back to cold again.

Nearby there's a skating yard, and all ages of people are skating, and in the fenced off place there's other ice for ice hockey players.

Suomessa on talvi!

Hei Ripsa! That's very cold but I imagine you appreciate the brightness of the snow in the short dark days. And obviously the fun with winter sports!

You folks are getting the worst weather! I hope you aren't floating about yet!! Keep a life preserver handy!

Joan, I was just watching the evening news and it's awful in many areas in South BC with creeks and rivers overflowing, mudslides, avalanches, highway closures, roof collapses. I'm glad to be safe at home even if the backyard is a swamp. The heavy rains are supposed to ease up tomorrow .. hope so!

Well, I'll be heading to Seattle soon to see my grandkids. I hope the weather has settled down by the time I get there.
Last time I was at their place this time of year the electricity went out for three days. It was miserable.
A friend sent me a picture of herself holding her grandchild on Long Beach in Washington, both of them looking mighty miserable.
And what did I do today? I helped my husband take the coconuts off our tree! Everything grows like mad here, and yard work is constant.
And oh have we had the rain! In our location, about 15 inches since the beginning of the month!
So it isn't all beer and skittles in Paradise, either.

Hattie, Seattle and area had a lot of snow too, as you know. Our weather is often similar. I don't know how things are there now, you are brave to come this time of year so I wish you luck and sunshine! Yeah, I read your blog entry earlier today with a twinge of envy, all that wonderful fruit! Too much of a good thing, eh? I would not mind a coconut or two. Tropical rain still sounds better than the freezing kind mixed with snow, sigh.

If you wanted to define the word "wetness" with a photograph, that picture would do it. I suppose it is ice in fact, but it looks utterly wet. Looking at it again, it could be a drawing. Then again, if is frozen, it is one of nature's sculptures.

Joe, I have shown ice photos of this same spot in the past, but this time it's of water very much in its liquid state and in great quantity - utterly wet' indeed.

I love that photo. Happy New Year, Marja-Leena.

Jean, thanks and the same to you!