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evening cruise

An invitation for visiting aunt and us!
from niece and boyfriend with boat:
come for a sunset boat ride!


Docked at Fisherman's Wharf
by False Creek (Vancouver)


At the end of the westernmost dock,
here's G's boat!


Slowly cruising out west,
under Burrard Bridge,
out to English Bay


Cloudy and warm,
no sunset to admire,
but misty mountains and puffy clouds,
boats going by, freighters anchored in the bay,
city highrises lighting up with million jewels
as darkness falls


Returning in the dark
vibrating moving
all lights like glowing strings
and dancing arrows
shimmering reflections on water


Thank you for the wonderful cruise,
catching up with life's news,
a memorable evening,
good night,

Marja-Leena | 10/08/2007 | 7 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Canada and BC, Photography


There's something very wonderful about watching the sun set and returning after dark!

Sounds lovely, and I love your descriptions as well as the image.

MB - Indeed. We may not have seen the sunset, but it was still very cool to watch the darkness slowly move in, and yet we could see so well from the reflected light from the clouds. The feeling of being out on the water with all this space and sky and a different kind of light is hard to describe.

Leslee - thanks. It was fabulous, the first time we've been on a boat in English Bay. It would have been out of this world to be on it during the big fireworks last weekend - G. had taken some people out then.

Lovely poetry and pictures
I especially like the lights shimmering on the water, isn't night time special somehow?

Mouse - thanks. The night does bring out the magical.

No one is commenting on the last photo - I loved the cobweb under the lamp pole on the dock, as we were leaving - like a special flag or a web of new memories made that night.

Great boat. What a useful sort of niece to have. I hope you had a romantic sunset cuddle at the rails with Mr. R.

Anna, the boat is wonderful, 52 feet long, and the couple live on it. The evening wasn't amenable to romance with G's Montreal cousin and wife and their local friend to socialize with, as well as niece and G, but it was fun anyway. We hope another time we can go on a day trip up the coast, now that we know G. better.