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washing hands
soap dish needs cleaning

lovingly made by a local potter
first an object of desire, then a gift
then utilitarian, everyday-ish

yet still worthy of admiration
just look and see

Marja-Leena | 08/12/2008 | 9 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


It reminds me of some of your other found objects, but this one worn with familiar use. Funny how some objects seem to carry take on a certain life from all our associated memories.

I love the simplicity of objects like this!

Leslee, I'm pleased you're reminded of the others and the memory associations, for that was on my mind too!

Joan, yes, simplicity. Sometimes we forget to really see and appreciate the everyday simple beauties around us, don't you think?

It is interesting how a supposed flaw can in fact make something look more beautiful.

But who lovingly cracked it?

Somehow the crack gives it personality. I like the uneveness of the holes.

Olga, perfection isn't always the most interesting, is it? Just like the lines on an older face are far more fascinating than the latest supermodel's bland airbrushed perfection.

Barrett, the sticky bar of soap did it.

Joe, personality? Great word. The unevenness come from being hand-made, another attribute for this dish.

Wow, isn't it amazing what can be said about a soap dish!?

I like it's 'hand-madeness'

Herhimnbryn, I love hand-made pottery and other crafts and have quite a bit in our home. I bet you do too!