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experiment no.1


playing around with various images
not sure where these are going yet
here's the first one in early formation

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Marja-Leena | 20/06/2007 | 8 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Found Objects, Photoworks


Hei Marja-Leena, katoan blogisfääristä kesäpäiviä viettämään, mutta ennen sitä tahdon toivottaa sinulle oikein valoisaa ja riemukasta juhannusta! Nauti täysin rinnoin suven auringosta!

Woo-hoo, what is it!?!

Weird, cool, a little disturbing. What is inside what? Mysterious shape. Tension between the container and what is contained.

Viides Rooli - kiitos, ja samaa toivon sinullekin!

Lucy and TG - I don't really want to say too much yet about this possible new series. I don't usually start showing the beginning workings of ideas but thought I might try it this time. It's not meant to be disturbing, just an abstract interest in textures and shapes in 'found' objects. An exploration at the moment, seeing where it may lead. More images to come. Will tell all later.. maybe...

Oh go on, let the cat out of the bag.

Whoa. Very cool. I wondered if you had sewn it. Found, eh? Neat! I think it has recently had a litter. ;-)

Mr Zip, no can do just yet. I really need to see what develops with this and other similar pieces. Maybe a new series of prints this fall?

Leslee - glad you noticed what looks like stitching, and lots of little feet, heh!