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experiment no.2


another exploration of a tentative idea

see also experiment no.1, no.3, no.4

Marja-Leena | 02/07/2007 | 4 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Found Objects, Photography, Photoworks


Not so scary as No.1. I can't make up my mind whether the material is soft or rigid. I know that you don't like us to superimpose imagery - but it has to be horsey.
These shapes keep reminding me of the 'mercury' metal shape shifter in Terminator 2. Apologies.

Anna, I don't mind anyone 'superimposing imagery' - I find it quite intriguing to read about the different reactions! You are clever - yes, these two are both metal.

An angel's wing, fallen from the sky.

herhimnbryn - ooh, I like that interpretation!