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experiment no.4


This is becoming a mini series of playful experiments!

Marja-Leena | 29/07/2007 | 7 comments
themes: Found Objects, Photoworks


These are interesting. Are they experiments in form, or are you still concerned with the 2D effect, i.e. as print/photography material? Because all illustration online is by necessity 2D it is difficult to know. At first I thought that you were interested in the sculptural qualities, but then thinking about your interest in rock forms and how that informs you printmaking, I wondered if these images were serving the same purpose -?

Olga asks a good question. Regardless of the answer, I do like the series so far.

I'm just now catching up on this series. Fascinating. I've no idea what they really are — they look like metallic bone fragments! Or maybe roots wrapped in plastic wrap and spray painted with metallic paint! A very fine mystery....

Olga - Good, very articulate questions, thank you! I wish I had such articulate answers. As I've mentioned, I've been experimenting, exploring and playing with these images, but haven't had enough time with them yet with summer distractions. Interesting that you see a connection with rocks. I'm definitely interested in the sculptural and textural but I don't yet know how and in what way I will use these images in prints, if at all.

Dave, glad you like these.

MB, glad these intrigue! They are indeed metallic. All will be revealed, perhaps when I can answer Olga's question more satisfactorily!

This is one I like best so far, it quite made me start! The shapes are so graceful.

These are developing into a really interesting set - jaws, mask,sharpness. From the texture, I am going to guess that they are found on beaches.

Lucy and Anna, thanks! As I keep saying, I don't know where these are heading yet. They are still just digital images but they are growing on me. I just need some time to work on these more but summer is distracting me!