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...too busy, too tired yet drawn to pause and enjoy the low autumn sun on the fading sedums

Marja-Leena | 05/10/2010 | 8 comments
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Beautiful shots.

Fading though these flowers maybe, the pink at their hearts is still fresh. Hope you get some rest!

Thanks Cathy and Maria! We have the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend ahead with friends and family coming, hence some of the busy-ness.


These are lovely, Marja-Leena. Hope you get some rest and breathing space.

Thanks lilalia and leslee! My body has just been protesting all the extra work I've been demanding of it with cleaning house and garden but I'm already feeling some satisfaction at the results. Now on to preparing a few dishes in the kitchen. Back to the studio next week....

How like the greedy beaks of nestlings are these buds.

Joe, wow, yes I see what you mean, how delightful an image you describe.