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I've mentioned before that Canada's electoral system desperately needs to be reformed to a far more democratic system of proportional representation. After another expensive wasted election with record low voter turnout and skewed results, I'm pleased to read that there are urgent calls for change, as reported in the Straight and on the westcoast political blog Creekside from which I've captured the revealing chart above. What a difference, eh? For example, the Green Party would have 23 seats instead of zero! No more strategic voting needed when we could vote for the party we really want! Let's get this going for the next federal election AND let's vote for it in BC's provincial election referendum next spring!

Hopefully this is the last of my political posts for a long while and that I will now be able to return to regular programming - thanks for your patience.

Marja-Leena | 16/10/2008 | 2 comments
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How bizarre. I had thought about putting in a pitch for the Greens here in the comments to your post before the election, but wasn't sure how votes were assigned.

Hey Dave, bizarre is right! Electoral districts are not fairly weighted for population levels, and some provinces get more seats than others - not fair at all.

If we'd had proportional representation we'd have voted Green. It was so sad to find that our riding went Tory anyway.