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Oh my, it's been hot here. Last week we had a record breaking heat wave all over BC. It was about 36C (about 97F) in our neighbourhood! As someone who totally wilts, swells up and gets cranky when it gets to 24C (75F), it's been a struggle to cope with the very basics of living. Like most homes in Vancouver, we do not have air-conditioning. Our house was designed to capture a lot of light during long rainy seasons, but it also captures the heat from the sun with its many east and west facing windows and skylights, sigh.


This week is a little less hot, in the mid 20's, with some cloudy periods and a few showers in the forecast. I'm still hot and lacking energy. It seems like we went from cold rainy weather straight to the dog days of summer. Complain, complain.


Watering the garden, and myself
Cooling salads, summer fruits, herbal iced teas
Reading and sleeping in the cooler downstairs


The unexpected pleasure of an overnight visitor
Picking up family returning from England
How the darling little ones have grown!


Looking for the fairies at the bottom of our garden
Summer's blossoms, riot of colours and scents
Captured by the camera's eye for you
Enjoy summer wherever you are!


Marja-Leena | 16/07/2007 | 18 comments
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With your humidity?

{image of me running screaming, waving my arms...}

Peter - not as bad as what Toronto gets (small consolation). It's been more humid the past few days as it's been building up for some rain, which I see is just starting to come down now. Were the prairies very dry on your trip?

Reasonably dry--had some rain on the way and during, but not bad.

It's the humidity that gets me every time. My mother has been suffering your kind of high temperatures and higher in Greece while we have what should have been here in April! But these last few days have been incredibly humid. I hope it gets better for us all soon.

I really feel for you, I hate to be that hot. But it did bring us some wonderful flower photos in what the Cockneys here would call ot ues.

I hate that poem, not for any intrinsic qualities, for it's charming, but because I had to judge an elocution competition once and it was the central piece. Awful anyway to hear little girls in frills emoting, but the same piece 20 times.....

Olga, I saw a report in the news concerning the heat in Greece, and the fires near Athens and thought about your mother. Crazy weather in so many places indeed. Last week I was ready to move to the Arctic but now we have a cooler week with showers, so, a reprieve for now.

ot ues sounds very different from English - I suppose it's short for 'there's a silver lining in everything'. But, Anna, what a way to develop a hate for such a charming poem. Yes, it is sweet, but makes me think of little children like my granddaughters.

Summer has all but forgotten us here in Yorkshire, though it has been sunny for a few hours at a stretch today! Vaguely reminiscent of July... Meanwhile thinking of you sweltering!! Hope it remains cooler.

TG, yes, I heard about the wet summer in England from the daughter's family! You had a lovely spring, didn't you? We've had a wet winter and spring and June, so we thought it would balance out with a sunny summer. It's unusual to get that hot though. Hopefully, after the much-needed rain this week, we'll have a NORMAL summer. You too, I hope.

36 and humid - how horrible! But these photos are absolutely gorgeous. Sorry I've been so scarce, Marja-Leena. It's good to be back reading my favorite blogs again.

While we in Brittany wrap up in warm wollen tights and sweaters and wait for summer to start

Please, send some sun and heat this way!

I've been scarce, too. Hope to catch up soon. Lovely to see your flowers, though sorry to hear about the heat. Weird weather in many places. We've had pretty good weather here in July thus far, though it was rainy and cool until the end of June. Hope your weather turns more temperate soon.

Beth, thanks, glad you like the photos! So happy to have you back - you are always very busy. This time of year a lot of readers are also away on holidays.

Mouse, how lovely to see you here, but I'm sorry your weather has not been good! Our sun and warmth have gone - maybe your way, let's hope! We're now at the other extreme with rain, though I don't mind the cooler temperatures. No watering chores either.

Leslee, you've had good reason to be a little scarce with your house move, so I'm pleased you still take time to drop by! Happy summer days to you.

The flowers are lovely, Marja-Leena. What luscious colors. We are having seasonable temps here, but vicious thunderstorms.

Thanks, Loretta! Sorry about your storms. So far, we haven't had the thunderstorms that seem to be all over North America.

Ihania valokuvia kukista.

Minäkään en kestä kuumuutta, varsinkin jos siihen liittyy kosteus, kuten oli Torontossa. Myös Helsingissä on ollut helteisiä päiviä - ja sadetta tänäänkin.

Täällä on hyvin, hyvin paljon turisteja, koska Suomessa on nykyään lämpimät kesät. Joskus tuntuu siltä, että keskustassa ei kuule puhuttavan lainkaan suomea.

Anna, kiva että kuvat mielyttää ja kirjoitit! Muistan kuinka kuuma oli Helsingissä kesällä 2000 ja 2002, ja kuinka paljon oli turisteja. Rakastuimme kovasti Helsingiin, mieheni sanoi että siellä olisi mukava asua.

Lovely flowers!

When I lived in a suburb of Phoenix Arizona, our rent house had very weak air-conditioning. Temps inside the house in the desert summer hovered around 90 F...I'd use a spray bottle, dampen a top sheet, and wrap myself in a damp sheet in order to sleep at all.

(I also quit my day job and found a night job. It was too hot to want to go out during the day...)

Hope it cools off soon for you.

Lori, thanks. I could not live in a tropical climate! What a solution for sleep! Thankfully, the nights here do usually cool down though I was going downstairs to sleep a few of those nights. Husband tolerates it better.

Oh, but we've had rain for a week now, progressively heavier each day, with heavy heavy downpours this weekend. Wild extremes between heat and rain, mostly rain this year! It's still warm though, too warm to wear rain gear for walks.