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Marja-Leena | 16/10/2006 | 11 comments
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Lovely! It's kind of thrilling how the central cluster of pebbles swirls, a microcosm against a backdrop of gravels receding to sands, grains and molecular clays all of which repeat the same elements of color.

Thanks Bill, for putting such marvellous descriptive words to my wordless post!

Well, it could be done better, but thanks for the materiel.

Very nice photo (and critical commentary by Bill)!

Thanks Dave, and I'm sure Bill thanks you too!

An interesting and original take on the concept of fall colors. Thanks, Marja-leena!

It came to me, looking at this, that pebbles are like people, no two exactly the same. I am looking lustfully at that light one on the right for my collection of round stones.

Anna, yes! And just like people they are tossed and turned by many storms, worn down in time, rough edges smoothed over.

Patry, thank you for noticing that point! I think browns, taupes and greys are just as much fall colours are the golds, crimsons and magenta colours.

I love it when others, like you did here, see things in ways I never would have. And then share so I can see them, too. Thanks!

MB, thank you! You do it too, with your lovely photos and poetry! It is interesting to see through another person's eyes, isn't it?