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The leaves are really coming down now, blown by the high winds and rain of a typical November storm. I'm glad to be snug and warm at home today. Such a contrast to the snow covered evergreens atop Mt. Seymour, receiving yet more snow.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all my American readers! Hope your weather is better where you are.

Marja-Leena | 24/11/2011 | 16 comments
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Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Marja-Leena! Cat and I cooked a trout today. A good day and the weather was fine. Sending you some sunshine!

I saw some liquidamber leaves in drifts like that in town the other day, with double daisies still growing up among them, such funny weather we've been having!

Rouchswalwe, sounds like you and Cat had a treat of a day.Thanks for the wish, though our Thanksgiving was in October, but we can be thankful for every day. Oh, and it's a clear brilliantly sunny morning.

Lucy, I display my ignorance about liquidamber. I'd assumed these leaves are from the ever popular Japanese maples (except the bottom one which is the giant maple, of course). I've heard about the warm fall in Europe, while here we're about two weeks early with the cold.

Leaves like stars.

Joe, oh yes! That also reminds me : leaves like butterflies! A few days ago I thought I saw butterflies fluttering past this window - they were yellow leaves dancing across from the neighbour's garden. Lovely.

Loads of lovely golden leaves here, mild days with bright sun.

The more I look at your photos, the more I'm influenced by your way of seeing things.
Wonderful work.

Zhoen, glad to hear that.

Hattie, thanks, and how nice to know I am a good influence ;-)

Leaves like butterflies and leaves like stars, what fun. Glad there is still a bit of sunlight falling on your leaves!

Julia, how lovely to have you visit! Yes, one must enjoy the rare sunny days when we do have them. Yesterday was lovely but back to stormy again as I write this.

The Atlantic winds carried the last of our leaves away several weeks ago so it's extra nice to see your lovely pictures. It's true that your vision has an overall positive effect on those of us lucky to know your work.

Susan, thanks again for your always generous words! You had a hurricane a while back that I imagine ripped away many leaves early on. As a former northwest coast resident, you know that fall is a long season here. We still have many leaves on some trees, like our magnolias. Lots of repeated cleaning up before it's all over with.

It was quite remarkable that although a few trees didn't survive the hurricane most of the leaves came through still attached. A nor'easter a week or so ago took most of what were left.

Yes, I'll always miss the gentler climate of the PNW.

Susan, I'm sure you are not thinking of our typical November monsoons. We've just emerged from yet another and hope the forecast for sunshine ahead will hold and offer a reprieve for a while. The rubber duckies would have fun in our swamp of a backyard!

Was better. But I walked out in snow and back in snow tonight. Snow spit. The warmish days flew, and now it is cold. More to come, drat it all.

Like those leaves, though! Especially the lavender upside down leaves woven into the faded yellow. Well, all, really.

Marly, the weather does keep changing, doesn't it? We're going between warmish monsoons and now sunny and cool, with some frosty nights... nice. Fewer and fewer colourful leaves out there though. Hope your snow won't be too bad.