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Yesterday late afternoon we returned from several days away traveling and spending time with our three daughters and two granddaughters at our eldest daughter's place in the Thompson River Valley region east of Kamloops, BC.





A neighbour raises a few goats and llamas for fun and they are allowed to graze in the lands behind this small rural community. So we all enjoyed visiting them close up with some treats of alfalfa cubes and raw carrots. It's amazing how the young animals were attracted by the young humans, so much so that youngest granddaughter was just a bit fearful when their attentions became too forward for her.

On our last evening one of my nephews and his wife joined us to share in a feast of fresh-caught salmon just brought home by daughter's partner from a fishing trip with several buddies off Prince Rupert on our north coast. Besides lots of salmon, their catch included rock cod (or was it rock fish?), crab, red snapper and a 42 pound halibut! Their freezers are now well-stocked for another winter.

It's a hot dry region and I had dreaded the heat but it did cool down on our second day, even rained a tiny bit now and then. Our drive home yesterday was accompanied by lots of rain. Back home, sister-in-law had been taking good care of my garden and plants and our home and was also helped by some rain. She just left a couple of hours ago. Soon eldest daughter will be arriving to spend a few more days with her sisters and nieces. Busy days!

Marja-Leena | 10/08/2010 | 9 comments
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Beautiful country! Sounds like you're enjoying lots of family time - and you'll need a vacation after your vacation. Glad you got some rain, too.

It's so nice to know you're enjoying your summer visits with family and friends. The pictures are great but the interior of BC was always too hot for me as well.. or too cold. Young animals do tend to get a little over-aggressive when there's food being tendered so it's no wonder your granddaughter sought the safety of a higher elevation.

btw: It is rock cod - delicious too.

How nice that you´ve had such great days with your family! Wonderful fish meals, too!! Here in Finland we have had a warm and even hot summer with thunder storms.

Leslee, yes, I'll need another vacation just by myself, I think.

Susan, you sound like you are familiar with the weather in BC's interior.

Leena, thanks. There have been a lot of thunderstorms in the interior, and many forest fires caused by lightning. Finland has had record breaking weather this year, I keep reading.

Hey, I think I recognize that guy with the little girl and the llamas! Marja-Leena, you're so fortunate to have this wonderful family. It looks like a beautiful place to visit - that landscape in the second picture is really stunning. Glad you had a good trip and are now home safe and sound. The fish sound great too! I'd like some fresh halibut in the freezer!

Beth, yes I'm fortunate, thanks! That second photo is one I took on the side of the highway near Kamloops on our way home, and it was just starting to spit rain so the light was not ideal. I'd noticed the beginnings of hoodoo formations along here when we were coming in on last Thursday and made a mental note to take photos on the return trip. I wished I'd taken photos right then for the afternoon light was so much better that day.

Hello, Marja-Leena! I just wanted to drop by and let you know that you are the featured "inspiration" today at the Women's League of Ale Drinkers, a repository of creative women. We're featuring different inspiring women all month, so if you'd like to offer an inspiration of your own, let me know!

Like you, I'm enjoying family so much these days. Grandchildren are the bright spot in old age for me.

Kate, thanks so much. I'm honoured to be chosen, and especially to be in the company of the fabulous Ulla Suokko.

Hattie, you and me both!