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Finnish ice flowers

In today's meanderings amongst some favourite Finnish bloggers, my eyes popped at the sight of some absolutely gorgeous photos of frost flowers on ikkunaiines' windows. The pictures speak for themselves without language. There are lots more on her photoblog. All her photographs are truly beautiful, so do have a look.

There are some obvious advantages to a colder climate as you can see if you compare these to the much more subdued frost patterns here in Vancouver, captured on Dec. 5th, 2004 and Nov. 14th, 2005. I remember many beautiful ones on my bedroom window in my childhood home in Winnipeg, a place which can be colder than Finland!

Artist Merja, author of taidettako? has a beautiful photo of her frost flowers! And, children's book author Anna Amnell, aka blogisisko has just joined in with hers. I love the juxtaposition with the orchids. Go look!

Jan. 22nd: More flowers blooming in Finland where they are having a very cold snap - here is Kapa's window. He is an artist-photographer in Jyväskylä, Finland with an impressive exhibition history, including one he's in right now in his hometown.

Marja-Leena | 19/01/2006 | 5 comments
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These were so beautiful! I've never seen frost patterns quite like those "fields of daisies" on her photoblog. I can confirm that we get pretty amazing frost-flowers and frost-lace in Vermont and eastern Canada - it's one of the wonders of winter for me.

Hei, kävin linkistäsi ikkunaiineksella. Hienot kuvat!

Beth, how great to have you back here! Yes, true north winters have great beauty that I still miss! Your ice storm was something else though, not sure how I'd have dealt with it since I've turned soft living on the Wet Coast !

Sikuri, kiva että tykkäät, ja kävit kommentoimassakin siellä! Onko Sinun kotipaikallasi paljon tämmöisiä luonnon kukkia?

I love these photos - and the others that I perused on her blog. Is she an artist? Her photos show she has a fantastic eye for texture and color. Too bad I can't read Finnish!

Jackie - Yes, she has a great eye! I think she's more of a writer with an interest in photography.