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Finnish knitting lesson


(Still from The Last Knit by annekeAnna)

Talk about obsessive-compulsive, this animation is extremely well-done and hilarious.

Thanks to my husband for finding our evening's laugh medicine. Enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 25/09/2006 | 13 comments
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Absolutely fantastic! I love animation and think that films like this should be shown in art galleries to put into the shade so many so-called art videos! Thank you so much for passing it on.

Oh, thank you for the laugh! I must show this to my daughter, who is fascinated with knitting these days!

That was awesome! I posted it on the design forum.

Omega, I'd agree with you there. So many of them are quite boring especially when they run in loops and you never see them from the begining. This would provide quite a refreshing change.

MB, glad it pleased, and hope your daughter loves it. One of mine is an avid knitter too.

Thanks Erika!

Oh, I needed much fun.

Patry and Peter, thanks for sharing your enjoyment! It feels good to have a hearty laugh and it's good for the heart too.

I just saw this at Frizzy Logic, who got it from you, and was stunned by the inventiveness and artistry and originality of this animation. It's also quite scary and disturbing and blessedly free from the sentimentality of so much Big Studio animation. Thanks for this, M-L, so refreshing.

Natalie, yes, it is unlike Big Studio animation. Like all good stories, it has elements of fear to balance the humour. I also like the character of the knitter - she has "sisu", a Finnish word for fortitude, a never-give-up strength. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

This was so cute. It reminded me of that scene in Like Water For Chocolate when she was knitting her wedding blanket and it kept getting longer and longer and longer.

It also makes me want to start knitting again. It's already getting pretty cold here.

Hi Elise, a fun way to be inspired, eh? So you are a knitter as well! How do you find the time?

I loved the video! I've never learned to knit, but did take up crochet a few years ago. I find hand work very relaxing and sort of meditative. Hmmm. think I better pick up my crochet hook again this winter...

Hi Jackie! Great to hear from you since ages! Do you crochet sweaters? Relaxing and meditative is what I hear - almost makes me want to learn - but I have too many interests already! Sewing used to be my big thing in domestic arts.