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As I've mentioned before, a brand new home has been emerging next door to us. Landscaping appears to now be underway and numerous large trees are flying in! Actually a crane is lifting them off trucks and into their positions around the property. Fascinating to watch! I recall all the planting of very small trees, shrubs and flowers that I did by hand on our place after our renovations many years ago, in simpler times it seems.

Looking away from the above odd scene is a view of a magnolia and camellia in full bloom in our backyard. They were here when we moved in and are now very large.


Marja-Leena | 18/04/2013 | 6 comments
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When we lived in Providence I once saw a mature and very big tree transplanted to a spot in Roger Williams Park, a place full of trees. When I asked why so much effort for this one I was told the new administrators of the parks department didn't want to see the top of an apartment building from their offices. Understandably, the tree didn't make it through the following winter.

Your garden looks very lush. I'm most fond of magnolias.

Susan, yes, it seems rather crazy to move large trees but judging from the root balls they looked like they were grown for the purpose. The day after I took this photo, even larger ones were moved onto the property. Hope they all survive. I was sad to see all the trees including a tall rare evergreen were cutdown during construction.

Administrators! Their indulgences! Susan's remark really hits home--seems that we're always confronted with their luxuries, along with their refusal to see what's important.

Like that weird image of the flying trees! Hope they manage the shock to their systems...

Marly, it's a crazy world out there, especially when public money can be had. Even private money as next door.

I thought of you when I put up this image, thinking Marly would whip up a funny poem to go with it.

We moved into a brand-new apartment complex in Switzerland years ago which was landscaped with with mature trees. They all survived. So I think it's all in how it's done.
It sure looks pretty around your place with those flowering bushes.

Hattie, I'm sure the experts know what they are doing and it will be beautiful next door when all is done. Sometimes I wish I could afford to hire some gardeners to prune and restore parts of our overgrown garden :-) And yes, it is lovely this time of year with so many spring flowering plants, shrubs and trees starting in January and lasting until May.