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Marja-Leena | 27/07/2008 | 5 comments
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I often find that seeing parts of a beautiful object is more attractive than the whole presented 'on a plate'. I love seeing so much detail - those little peaks for instance - and the colour contrasts within the plant, and with the background. Interesting visual contemplation.

Thanks Joe! I love this just-opened and lovely scented stargazer, given as a bulb by one daughter.

Olga, yes, I've been looking and delighting in the closeup details more and more. Aren't digital photos wonderful how they can really be blown up (though I didn't do it here)? I spent some time yesterday learning a bit more on how to better use the camera, thanks to my husband's help for I'm such a technical dunce. Then I had the idea to post one of them as a condolence 'card' to a blogfriend who is grieving.

Oh, Marja-Leena! It's absolutely beautiful, and is one of my most favorite flowers. Thank you so much: for the beauty, and for the gift.

Beth, I'm so glad you had time to visit in your busy week. I hope you are faring well with everything.