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Left: Dream Vessel    Centre: Dream Structure    Right: Memory/Dreams IV


Left: Memory/Dreams I    Centre: Memory/Dreams III

These two photographs dropped out from inside some papers I was sorting through while looking for something else, as often happens. They are installation photos of some of my printworks in an exhibition called Forms and Figures at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver back in 1993. This was noted on the back of the photos but with no mention of the other two or three artists also in the exhibition. Memory fails me now, though I think I might know but don't want to make any mistakes. If I come across the information in an another poke through my messy files, I'll add it here. Should you be interested in a better look at these pieces, please check out the Dreams series. On my summer break from the print studio, I really must get back to my small home studio to continue the tidy-up I started last summer as well as sort through a new mess!

Marja-Leena | 10/04/2013 | 14 comments
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These are beautiful, Marja-Leena. I could see a set of dream poems sitting beneath them!

They look very different from the work you do now. Always interesting to find old forgotten pictures.

Shall have to come back and look at more--have gone no farther than the Child's Play / Child's Dream posts. I like the dream story and have often worked out novels and started poems in dreams, although in the past year I've mostly been too tired to remember any dreams. Is that something you do regularly?

Dick, thank you! I could see some of your dream poems there...

Lucy, yes they do look different as they were created over twenty years ago! I have gone through different styles and techniques over my long practice. It is interesting even for me to look back and with my work on the blog it is quicker to do that review.

Marly, I'm so pleased you are looking at those old posts. It is very rare for me to remember my dreams and even rarer to use them in my work.

It's something I love, but of course that sort of thing doesn't happen all the time, particularly when life prevents one from proper sleep and time to remember.

Marly, indeed, it is wonderful when one remembers one's dreams and if they can inspire our creative work. Your writing often seems to have dream-like qualities. I remember a few very vivid ones from years ago but they did not transfer into my art. I also remember several recurring bad dreams which thankfully haven't come back in many years.

Our recent trip and my health problems have combined to produce very active dreaming. My internal clock is all messed up,too, from the time changes.
We are all more creative than we think!

Hattie, I hope your dreams are happy ones in spite of the health and travel challenges. And yes, absolutely, we are all creative! Some just don't know it or have had it suppressed in childhood. (Sorry, I'm beating the drum, and that's a topic for another day!).

They are uniquely magical as is all your work. It is very interesting to see what was inspiring for you all those years ago.

Susan, thank you! It is interesting even for me to revisit my old work.

Charming post! That is how things often happen, looking for something and finding something else! Have a wonderful week end, Marja-Leena:)

Leena, kiitos! Thank you and have yourself a great weekend too.

Does it feel like there's a unity between what you're doing now and the collagraphs? Some of the Dreams pieces have a kind of "offering" of an inset image or door that is pushed "forward," if I can call it so (Dreams III, was it? and the inset reminds me of the kelp in the hands series.)

The whole idea of the way a collagraph is made seems vaguely parallel. There's the use of surprising objects that are "worthless" and yet made worthy by being used as a source of art.

Marly, your observations are very interesting and thought provoking! I see what you mean though I had not thought of those specific parallels before. Yet it does not surprise me - it actually delights me - that there continue to be certain connections between past and present work! These are actually valuable insights for me while I think about my 30 years of printmaking as if I were about to have a retrospective. So, many thanks for your thoughts!!