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Researching how long blogs have been around, I was surprised to not find a definite answer. Let's just say, this one here still seems to be a youngster on its fourth birthday! The writer behind it is slowing down a bit, writing less but posting more photos, still avidly reading blogs, and loving the many connections and friendships found through this medium. To all of you, thank you warmly!

This is the perfect occasion to put up a new banner - hope you like it! Thanks to my lovely designer daughter Erika for placing it up here!

Marja-Leena | 01/02/2008 | 21 comments
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It was the banner which caught my eye first. I love it, and it seems so right for you. I very much like your 4 corner too - it makes me want to pick it up and run my fingers over it.

I am so glad that I clicked your link out of curiosity when I started blogging because your posts bring me much pleasure and interest. I hope you continue to enjoy the activity. Happy anniversary!

Thank you, ML, for having a blog worth visiting, and reading! No small achievement!

Oh, and Erika's design is splendid--works well with your artistic sensibility.

Thank you, Olga, the feeling is mutual!

Peter, thank you! Actually the design is mine; Erika tweaked the contrast, did some code work to make room for a bigger banner, then placed it. I don't know how to touch the 'architecture' on my blog so I'm lucky to have her.

Happy 4th Blog Birthday M-L. Like the new banner very much. Is it from one of the Nexus pieces? Those concentric circles look familiar!!

Thanks Tall Girl! And you have a good memory! I scanned a section of the actual copperplate that is used in both Nexus III and IV. And of course I've used it as a larger image/etching in some of the other Nexus pieces.

Congratulations, Mom! I have lots of catching up to do, don't I. Your triangle is beautiful and very unexpected. I've never thought about the triangular shape to the number 4 before, even though triangles have 3 sides. Clever!

Congratulations on your fourth birthday, m-l blog! And many happy returns. I love the new banner.

Beautiful textures on that banner. Happy 4! :-)

Happy Blogday, M-L! I like the new banner, but it's going to take some time to get used to.

Happy Blog Day to you! Four years! Wow. Glad you're here, Marja-Leena. I always enjoy visiting. And I love the new banner!

Congratulations from me too! I love your new banner and had the same reaction as Olga of running metaphorical fingers over the 4th birthday image - it's so textural.

Happy Blog Birthday Marja-leena!

My posting really slowed down for awhile too. I went from daily to weekly to monthly to...?

I got an email recently from someone saying they were going to delete me from their blogroll!


I did start to miss the regularity of it. I think having one and posting regularly makes you think more about what and why you're doing things. Well, maybe that's just me but...I have started up again. My goal is to blog everyday, every other day at the very least. It's a good thing...even if it's only for me.

Thanks for keeping blogging, and I love the new banner!

Congratulations on your fourth blogday, Marja-Leena! I love the new look, and I'm grateful you're here so faithfully, both as a blogger and a reader and encourager of so many of us. Bonne fete!

Belated happy blog birthday, yours was one of the first I came to and still a favourite.
The new banner grabbed me right away!

Congratulations, I like the cheeky banner - I can't believe that we're such old blog mates. I never think to check when I started; having just done so I realise I'll soon qualify for the "Now We Are Six" title. Everything moves by so fast.

Erika - thanks! My choice of the triangle was entirely serendipitous! I had some cut pieces of collagraphs lying around and this one just seemed right.

Thanks rr, Lori, Leslee, Jean! And Dave - though why do you think it will take time to get used to my new banner? I think my old one was up too long and it was time to redecorate, though change can be disconcerting.

Elise, thanks for visiting and welcome back to blogland! Have missed you! Will drop by soon!

Beth and Lucy - much thanks to you, too! Geesh, I've really been fishing for compliments here, eh?!

Anna - cheeky? Now that's a curious interpretation - are you seeing something there that I don't see? Your blog is going on SIX?! Wow. I hope you will keep on with it.

Happy blogday, Marja-Leena; onward!

Pica, thanks, and yes, onward indeed!

Marja-Leena,sorry I'm so late to the party. Happy blogday and yes, your new banner is beautiful and apt. I also love that bright coloured/textured pyramid at the top of your post - is it a section of one of your prints?

It's a cheeky 4.

Natalie, never too late, my dear :-) Glad you like the banner and the "pyramid", which is indeed a section of a collagraph upon which I drew the '4' with conte crayon.

Anna, okay :-)