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frost and shadows


fine frost etching, edging leaves
and blades of grass, furry white
still frozen where no sun touches

late afternoon sunbeams
through glass and paper snowflakes
flirting light and shadows


Marja-Leena | 07/12/2007 | 5 comments
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light and shadows on
a lamp shade and window pane
black and white snow flakes

Lovely ones!
It's so grey and damp and chill here now, I want some proper crisp winter weather like that.

Snowflakes, sigh...

A fitting tandem of picture and words. Especially for the second photo (which has a touch of magic to it).


Olivia, nice! Thanks.

Lucy, our weather is quite variable. Grey, damp and chill a lot, but punctuated with the occasional brilliant sunny but cold day. Hope you get a few of those your way.

Mouse, we had a few of those real ones this morning but they melted away.

Soulless, thanks! I was quite captivated by the shadows, magic indeed!