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frost and thaw

Clear and cold.


Days of rare sunshine.


Skylights with night shades of solid white frost.


Rising sun's rays glance frozen glass. Thawing, changing, spreading patterns.


Sun's art as brilliant as Jack Frost's.

(Captured between 8:40 and 8:43 a.m. on February 1st, 2011)

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Marja-Leena | 06/02/2011 | 12 comments
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These are so beautiful! The last one evokes the shadow of a butterfly.

Ah yes, the frost flowers are mimicking little clouds on a perfect summer day.

beautiful changes in temperature

I love these, especially the first one! We have no windows now that do this, and I miss it.

Thank you, my dear friends, for your appreciation!

Beth, just to clarify, our house windows and skylights don't freeze like this, just those in the unheated solarium such as these ones just beyond the kitchen windows.

These are gorgeous and ethereal.

so beautiful! i miss those lovely windows. x

Lucy, glad you like these!

Elisa, thanks. As you know, these are the first things i notice when I come in the kitchen each morning, and I know right away what the weather is up to.

The first and third pictures so beautifully captured. Liked their patterns.

Anil, glad you like, and thanks for visiting!

So beautiful, Marja-Leena; and breathtaking. Fine abstract art from nature. How lucky we are that you were there to capture them. Thank you.

Martha, yes, it is abstract art, isn't it, and made by nature? Glad you like these, thank you!