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frost ferns


7:30 a.m. this morning, on the solarium skylights
then later a little playing with photoshop....

compare with frost fractals and first frost

Marja-Leena | 04/12/2009 | 11 comments
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Lovely, but...brrrr.

What Hattie said... Our weather forecast for Monday is for a bit of arctic chill from Canada! Maybe we'll get our own frost ferns.

Thanks Hattie and Maria! You Americans are always blaming us for your weather :-). That may sometimes be true, but a lot of systems in BC come from the south like the so-called Hawaiian Expresses, and the arctic blasts from Alaska. In central Canada, the arctic blasts often come down from the Hudson Bay and would reach down North America. Right now we're worried that this cold front will bring on the snow by the end of the week, a typical pattern after a spell of clear skies and freezing nights. We still remember last winter's excessive snow and don't wish it again - a day or two over the holidays but not weeks and weeks, please. But it sure is pretty.

Fractals. Oh oh, now you've said the magic word.

I almost had to reach for the foot blanket looking at them. They are very pretty in spite of the chill.

R, so you love fractals too!?

Susan, they are so ephemeral. Soon as the sun's rays touch them, they are gone with the daytime temperatures above freezing... so far.

I'd take nature's gifts over any expensive trinket any day.

Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivä! Happy Independence Finland! I hope you and yours are well and have a lovely day.

Mouse, thanks and I agree!

Dem! Great to hear from you! Thanks for the greeting, yes, it is Finland's Independence Day today, and I've not done a post on it so I should add perhaps add something here. Hope you are well now after your recent health issues. "Hei" to your Finnish wife and your daughter.

These are lovely! I love the frost ferns. :-)

Leslee, thanks! Nature's art or as they used to say when I was a kid - Jack Frost did it.