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tiny little silver stars in the hundreds,
as if fallen from the night sky
like pixie dust

It amazes me how different frost patterns can be.
It is now even colder and drier, down to -6C (21F) last night.
At 10:45 am, the sun's low sideways rays had not yet thawed them.

Last week's frost followed a long rainy period.

Compare to these frost birds*** from last winter

We Vancouverites need a reality check about cold.
It was -36C (-32F) in southern Alberta last night.
Husband is on his way there on business, brrrr!

*** Link removed because the site no longer exists. Apologies!

Marja-Leena | 08/12/2009 | 11 comments
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That's wonderful how you begin with the hills in the background and then pull us in close. Fraktalisch!

These are lovely stars from some very generous pixies if icy lands.

the first photo is truly lovely. Truly lovely things are even more lovely in the context of the news these days of the stance of PM Harper's cabal at the Copenhagen Conference.
Frost in its amazing patterns so unpredictable and simple is so uplifting!

They are cute and exquisite too. Also love your other frost pictures from last week.

So beautiful! We don't get these on our windows here - I guess the condo is a lot "tighter" than the old house - and your photos made me miss my old drafty windows on frosty mornings. Thanks for these exquisite photos.

Thanks, everyone!

R - Love that new word 'Fraktalisch'!

Beth - Actually these frost patterns appear on the sloping roof glass or skylights in our unheated solarium. I'd very worried if these were appearing on the windows of our renovated house! That would remind me of the old house we lived in Winnipeg when I was a child. I had an attic room where the window, even with a storm window outside, would get thick ice on it that could stay there for weeks.

Wow. I love your frost patterns. Haven't seen these in England since I was a child (because of climate change, not fancy windows) The first one here looks almost like a pointillist painting, doesn't it?

I'm afraid the middle one reminded me of the chicken and stars soup I ate as a child!!

We had wonderful frost art on the drafty windows in my last apartment. Nice thick insulation here, though, which I can't complain about.

Hi Jean! Yes, it does appear quite pointillist. So England has been getting warmer? We seem to be getting more extremes such as storms in the last few years.

Leslee, aw. Draft-free is best! Imagine the savings on heating bills.

Those frosty stars could be worked into wondeful and unusual Christmas cards.

Joe, thanks. I thought of it, perhaps I'll try next year. Several years ago, I did make some but was disappointed in them. Compare this photo to the printed card. They look so flat on paper compared to being on the backlit monitor, or I'm not a very good photoshopper :-)