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full moon, fog, frost


Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Frost Moon, Long Night's Moon, Moon Before Yule, 7:20 a.m., December 2nd


fog and sunrise


frost on the path

Marja-Leena | 03/12/2009 | 10 comments
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these are very beautiful photos!

Hi Marja-Leena, I'm sorry it has been so long, and more sorry to take so long to respond. I've been very busy with university work plus had personal issues at home, so it wasn't easy to write. Things are getting back on track though, and I've also done some significant work on updating my blog, including moving it to a new server and it will be ready to open some time next week. As soon as I've finished correcting the mid-term exams I'll contact you privately, okay? Please say hi to Friedrich/ Fred and your daughters!

Having actually had a chance to see the place where those photos were taken makes them more magical!

oooh! I like your full moon photo very much. Isn't it wonderful that we can see it from where-ever we are on the planet?! Little things excite me these days.

Taina, thanks!

Miguel, we are so very happy to hear from you! We still remember your visit with pleasure. Sorry you've had a rough fall but it sounds like things are improving. Looking forward to seeing your updated blog. Be well!

R, but I liked your moonshot much better! I was up quite a bit that night, the moon was incredibly bright especially with the white frost and I just could not get a good photo until this blurry one at dawn. Yes, little things... me too!

Oh dear! I just noticed this post on my husband's mac and the moon photo is so dark on his that the details are lost. I wonder how many readers are seeing such a terrible looking image?! Sorry...

I'm looking at it on a Power Mac and it looks just fine from here. Lovely shots, in fact. I noticed frost here this morning on my walk to work.

Susan, thanks! I've often thought I should go do a calibration or whatever on his powerbook. We had it with us on the Europe trip and I wasn't always happy with the colours on it. But it is an issue on many monitors across platforms, I know. As for this frost, I notice on the weather map that this cold front is dipping quite far south. I wonder if we'll get snow next week... yikes!?

I'm looking at your shots on my 2" mobile phone screen, so the fuzziness of the moonshot is rather luminous and dramatic. And the colour of the sky is beautiful. I captured the bright orb just after moonrise that night. To my consternation, we've had heavy rainclouds since.

R, thanks again. Are you seeing a bit of details like tree branches? The fuzziness is due to the morning fog, and actually looked even better in real life. Oh well. Here, we get cloud and rain so much that when we do see the full moon, we get kind of excited :-) It's still clear and cold here, it's amazing how when November ended the weather changed dramatically! Early this morning before leaving the house, I took some quick shots of our very first frost flowers on the skylights - must check how they turned out...

These photographs make me think of the taste of cold air.

Joe, that's interesting, bringing in the sensation of taste along with sight and touch/feel. Did you notice this blog post's title is fashioned after your style?