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You are invited on a little tour of a few highlights in my spring garden:

Here are the winter pansies in a pot by the back door,

over there are the last tulips amongst the forget-me-nots,

see these bluebells under the currant bush,

a mexican orange bush by the front steps, doesn't it smell heavenly?


and there are the lilacs that evoke memories of my mother's garden.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Marja-Leena | 12/05/2007 | 6 comments
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Don't think I fit any of the above descriptions but I'll enjoy the gorgeous flowers anyway!

Oh, what a beautiful garden! I guess all the rain you get out there is good for that. Lovely. Happy Mother's Day, Marja-Leena! Hope you enjoy the day.

Lucy, I think you are a caring person so you are welcome in my garden anytime! I was thinking of your lovely flower photos when I was working on this.

Leslee, thank you! The rain and the 'usually' milder winters help, but sometimes the rain is just too much.

Just dropped by to smell the flowers and to warn you that I've now tagged you with a meme - here.

TG - thank you!

Mr Zip - thanks of thinking of me! I'll see if I have the time, so many blogposts sitting in line and waiting to be finished whenever I have time from garden and studio...