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Go here to see this fabulous award-winning short animation film with a stunning surprise ending. You will enjoy it!

Found at Chris Tyrell's Blog.

This gives me the opportunity to mention that Chris Tyrell is a well-known arts advocate in Vancouver. I've long enjoyed and admired his editorials for the Opus Art Supplies monthly newsletter. He's also author of Artist Survival Skills: How to Make a Living as a Canadian Visual Artist. I was pleased to discover that he has a blog.

Marja-Leena | 31/01/2010 | 10 comments
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Thank You and how cute too. I was think an aliens angle for the ending or the guy was dead.

Cathy, glad you enjoyed the mystery!

Such a lovely, funny, intriguing film. Thank you for the pointer, Marja-Leena.

Martha, I'm pleased you watched it and liked it!

Oh, how cute! Loved it - thanks for the link.

Leslee, glad you liked it.

Thank you for posting that! It was lovely.

Hi M! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

That was utterly wonderful and even though we guessed the ending about half way through it was still great. The visuals are beautiful.

I've copied a link to his blog. I read about the liquid glass a few weeks ago and have been considering a post of my own.

Susan, how very clever of you to have guessed the ending! Not me, it was a total surprise and made be burst out laughing. Oh, and good that you find Tyrell's blog of interest.