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Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I first wrote about it in 2004, for myself as I researched its roots, and for readers unfamiliar with the Canadian custom that is held much earlier than its American version. In our home we celebrated yesterday with a delicious harvest dinner with family that is near us, while missing family not able to be here. Farmers are reaping bounteous harvests thanks to our continuing record breaking sunny and warm weather even as the drought is causing problems in many areas.

Here is an unusual Thanksgiving grace full of delightful humour written by the mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson - enjoy! Some of the local references may elude you so just look him up if you wish.

In the meantime, I'm still alternately too busy then too tired to download the photos and write the promised posts about last week's events centered around the Japanese art exhibition. Hope to do so very soon.

We are particularly missing our eldest daughter whose birthday is today - happy birthday!***

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian reader!

UPDATE October 9th: *** Pardon the little white lie, in case daughter might have been reading this. We did see our daughter on her birthday yesterday - her partner had organized a surprise party for her. It was a success, with many friends and family in attendance!

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I do miss this time of year in the Northwest. We are planning to come to Seattle in Nov. sometime. Enjoy your wonderful weather and all the bounty of the Thanksgiving season.

Hattie, thanks, we are indeed enjoying this amazing long run of beautiful weather. It iooks to be coming to an end by the end of the week with a forecast of rain, which really is much-needed now. I'm sure we'll still have many good days yet, even in November when you'll be in Seattle.

I've been trying to figure out what it is you've taken a picture of. It could be a carpet beater but I haven't seen one of those in decades and it doesn't look like any I've seen before.

I'm glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving. May the coming winter holidays be even better.

Susan, you've made me smile for I do tend to puzzle my readers with my strange images. It is a section view of a small hot pad or a large-ish coaster, not sure exactly what. I have three of these in a basket of various pretty gifts from around the world that have been given to us over time. Thanks for the good wishes. I don't want to think about winter yet....