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Good Friday


'Tis the Easter long weekend. Though this year spring is about a month early, it's been more like winter the past week or more, with cold rain and windstorms and lots of snow on the mountains. Instead of outdoor activities, we are doing our annual income taxes.


These photos of the magnolias and camellias were taken during a dry break about a week ago as proof of spring's presence in our garden (compare to last year). Below is a heavily scented jasmine, indoors.


We are missing doing an easter egg hunt with our young granddaughters who are living so far away in the UK.


Hauskaa Pääsiäistä, Joyeuses Pâques, Frohes Ostern, Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying a sunny long weekend wherever you are, dearest readers.

Marja-Leena | 02/04/2010 | 10 comments
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Have a wonderful Easter Marja

Hauskaa pääsiäistä to you, too. Here in Finlad we still have snow and spring is slowly, slowly coming with more brightness and lightness..

Mukavaa pääsiäistä myös itsellesi. Kiitos vierailustasi blogissani.

Happy Easter, Marja-Leena!

We are having lots of rain and cold weather down here in the SF Bay Area, too, though the winds haven't been that fierce yet. Still, I had to dig out my winter close again to walk the dog yesterday, when the sun finally broke through for a while.

Happy Easter to you, too! We're gearing up to colour eggs ... the tried and true method here is to tightly crumple a paper towel, twist it, then secure it around the middle of the boiled egg with a rubber band, finally letting it sit in a bowl of dye for a minute or two. Remove it, let it dry, take off the paper towel "belt" and voila!

Thank you for such cheering pictures. Easter Greetings to you and Fred and may you be blessed by just the right amount of global warming. There is still a chill wind down here and the buds are being exceptionally coy.

Thank you, dear friends - in the US, Finland and the UK, how marvelous! The storm must have affected my blog host server because the blog comments are not being emailed to me. I have to go into the blog editing program (Movable Type) to find them there and approve them. Otherwise my direct emails work... most strange!

Last night we put a fire on in the fireplace to chase the damp chilly feeling while listening to the howling wind and rain, and twigs and cones hitting the house. We were fortunate not to have any power outage like many elsewhere, especially on southern Vancouver Island, such as at friends in Victoria.

As I write this on Saturday morning with my second cup of coffee, the storm is over, the sun is struggling to burn through the cloud though rain is still in the forecast. We'll be doing a lot of sweeping and raking of all the mess, so many branches, shredded new leaves and catkins, when we can. The skylights are heavily speckled and I imagine the eavestroughs are full again. I wonder what kind of weather the Easter Bunny will see tomorrow?

Happy Easter
But if I had a partner I would hide an easter egg for him to hunt!

Happy Easter to you and your family, wherever they are!

Mouse, I know, I should have done that too, but this year we're avoiding the sugar! Instead I have a lovely salmon on the BBQ with vegetables like red peppers and asparagus. Hope you had a lovely one with the Rags!

Leslee, thanks, and hope yours was great!