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The countdown is quickening,
the house is decorated and clean (almost),
the baking nearly done
except for the plum tarts
(the filling is made, the dough is chilling)
need to make the spiced red cabbage,
the cranberry sauce
the mincemeat trifle.

Reading blogs during breaks,
I love dreaming of sugar plums
and thinking about dasher and dancer
and the Finnish Forest Reindeer
and how they became Santa's one day.
Oh, and it's Mr.Grinch's 50th, as Peter also noted.

Our daughters are excited by snow (wish we had some!)
instead I look at these snowflakes.
Erika is enjoying this merry time of year
and Anita made gorgeous pine cone decorations!

Now it's time to wish my dear readers
Happy Christmas, Hauskaa Joulua, Frohe Weihnachten,
Joyeux Noël, Happy Holidays, a blessed Midwinter,
and mustn't forget Peace on Earth!
Love and light, peace and joy,
Abundant inspiration and creativity!
(Whew, that's a lot of wishes, take your pick!)
And...thank you all for visiting!

Marja-Leena | 22/12/2007 | 14 comments
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I'll add a blessed Midwinter to that, Marja-Leena. My workplace has a lot of aboriginal folks, and this season is the Midwinter Feast (solstice). I wouldn't doubt that pre-Christian Finland had a similar observance.

Thanks, Peter, I've added that one! Is that the English term used by all the aborigines in Canada? I imagine in each of their native languages it's different. Will you be writing about it?

We all know that the ancient 'pagan' solstice celebrations were absorbed into Christmas. But what I find odd is that Dec. 21st or 22nd is first day of winter, yet it's 'midwinter'. The same with the summer solstice. Ah well, may it be a good Midwinter for you and yours!

What a wonderful poem! And your feast sounds wonderful!! And I'm adding hopes of a peace filled 2008!!

Kaunista ja rauhallista joulua!

Thanks Joan, and I second that for 2008!

Tuima, kiitos paljon!

Midwinter isn't a widely used term that I can see, M-L. I have heard it referred to as Solstice feast, Midwinter feast, even Christmas feast, though the December 25 date isn't what the speakers mean. Also, I use the term Blessed myself, until I hear something from a native speaker who can correct me. Cultural recovery in the aboriginal world is very much a work-in-progress!

Where I work, there are four seasonal feasts, of which this is one: the two solstices and the two equinoxes. No one is any more important than another.

Sounds delicious and delightful - wish I could sit at your table! Have a happy day and a happy 2008.

a Joyeux Noel to you and yours!!

Merry christmas Marja-Leena, and thanks for all the lovely blogging!

Happy Christmas to you and your family. You sure know how to do a Christmas properly! Must tell you, a Finnish lady read a poem at our midnight service last night - in Finnish - we had the translation on the service sheet, I thought of you.

Natalie, thank you, and how exciting the thought of you joining us at the table! Hope your day is wonderful!

Loretta, thank you, hope you are having a fabulous day with your family!

Lucy, thanks for the wishes and the sweet compliment. You know that I feel the same about your blog! Hope your day is all you hoped for.

Anna, thanks, hope your Christmas is sweet. How interesting about the Finnish lady's reading, nice that it made you think of me!

Merry Christmas, Marja-Leena!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope it is yet the start of another run of good memories and encounters with beauty. Thanks for your years of friendship. I feel blessed.


Dave, thanks! Hope yours was great.

Miguel, thank you for your very lovely and heartwarming words. I feel the same about our friendship. Hope your time in NY is full of beauty and love, the stuff of good memories!