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drenching rains
absent sun
turbid drinking water

sunny breaks
walk in the park


blinded by green
north, south,
east, west

now hail
March is
a lion


Marja-Leena | 25/03/2007 | 7 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Photography


Looks like you have a beautiful green lining to your clouds. Hope you get some more sunny days to lift your spirits!

First photo a bit like green lion's paw! Grrrreat!! We have that kind of shaggy green moss here too. I love it.

Leslee, and Tall Girl, thank you. My photos and words don't do justice to this scene. My husband and I had gone for a walk on Saturday, in the rain, and come upon the most brilliantly bright green scene, but no camera. The moss is high up into the trees and all around, like I've never seen before. When I went back with the camera to this spot the next day, though it wasn't rainy, it just didn't seem as brilliant. Was it just the first impression that was so powerful? Anyway, the horrible weather has ended and turned for the better with sun promised for several days!

May I return the compliment? You too have some lovley images here. I have always found moss interesting to observe especially in microcosm.

Most of the moss in my garden has withered away in the summer heat. But I know there are patches in the garden that will revive when the rains come again.

herhimnbryn, thank you! I'm surprised that there's ANY moss in Australia! Much of the moss withers away here too in the summer, except in the shady spots.

Wish you would do more posts like this! Isn't that mossy fur fantastic, like a glove on the tree?

Beth, I'm pleased that this kind of post is of interest, even though I should be writing about printmaking. Ah, but it's about the life of an artist, the excitement and inspiration one drinks in from one's surroundings, eh.