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from the kitchen... a world in a vegetable...

Marja-Leena | 25/10/2011 | 23 comments
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it's lovely close-up. isn't it?
But I am in my 'chutney phase', would it make a good chutney do you think?

Uh. So big monster? It maybe has to do with Halloween, which is here called All Saints Day, in the first weekend of November.

Todella upea kuva!

Oh, this is fabulous! A painting, a jewel, a ufo, an ancient symbol...

Could be a planet.

The season's first melon
clutched in its arms -
the child sleeps


There's another one about melons turning into frogs... This one would make a handsome striped frog with a few gold warts on top like a crown.

Mouse, yes, I love the design, texture and colour. I don't know if winter squash works in a chutney, why not try?

Ripsa, it is a good size squash (it fit on the scanner) though not like some of the huge orange pumpkins we see in the markets right now for Halloween. (On October 31st here.)

Taina, kiitos! Oli hauska skannata tämä ennen kun leikkasin ja paiston sen.

Jean, yes, all those and a world globe from a humble yet beautiful vegetable. Sure interrupted my dinner preparations while I was off scanning.

Joe, yes, I thought so, with a special crown on top.

Marly, that's lovely (not quite a melon though). I love how you come with quotes and stories for my images, I wish I had that gift.

Assuming it is as flat as it looks, could be Discworld, the turtle visible at the edges.

Zhoen, it's not flat, but I do see what you mean - fascinating! (Had to look up 'Discworld', pardon my ignorance.)

Hah! What a surprise, this emerald!

That is a wonderful green. I'm looking forward very much to getting to Seattle, where I can enjoy the bounties of fall, such as this squash.

Beth, good to hear, I was pleasantly surprised myself how mysterious this turned out.

Hattie, thanks, have a good trip to Seattle, and enjoy the squash harvest!

It's a beautiful and enormous green mandala. I like it very much.

I know it's not a melon but don't know any squash poems... and it has a nice stripey melon look.

We are
in squash.

(True, too.)

bought the

Susan, a mandala - love it!

Marly, this does have the stripes of certain melons. Love 'awash in squash' too.

Miten kaunis onkaan luonto!

Anna, kiitos! Luonnon ihmeet inspiroivat katsomaan läheltä.

Wonderful! There are some beautiful squash and gourds around right now. Almost makes up for the chilly temperatures - we're getting some wet snow in some places around here tonight!

Leslee, thanks, and yes, it's that time of year. It's getting colder here too, we had some snow on the mountain tops yesterday.

Oh cor, I've been away for such a long time your machine has consigned me to Outer Darkness (I believe it deserves initial caps, don't you?) and I've had to sign in again, like the prisoner willingly knocking on the door of St Quentin and asking to be re-admitted. All I wanted to say is it's so much nicer to simply look at these things instead of being required to eat them - along with pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, zucchini and all those wretched vegetables whose only function is, I think, to gather water, retain it, and then pass it on to the diner in a second-hand, pre-digested form.

And where is this threatened magnum opus that is going to explain why printmaking is - astonishingly - something humans do as well as machines. I mean I can do you writing here and now. Type a word, then type another, check that they go together, type a third, etc. And pretty soon you've got Ulysses. Of course machines do this too but they're called politicians. And alas they sometimes type the third word without checking that numbers one and two go together. Hey, I could go on for ages.

I notice that you didn't need my comment anyway. I mean you already had nineteen on this one. I'm scared of getting trampled on in the crush.

BB, even I had to sign in to comment on my own blog after a server crash a while back, and a few croaks even later like last night. Some functions, like email notification of comments, are still not working, grrr. Sorry about that.

I'm glad you enjoy my picture(s) for I do those more easily than words, especially if I have to write a homework essay, guilty as's still on that long 'to do list' when time, energy (rather in low this year) and the writing bug all come together, for I've many a subject I've wanted to do. And I really really wish I was a better keyboardist. Hey, this is getting long....

I know, some squash are better to look at than eat, but this one was not your watery type, I assure you. But then, there is not a vegetable that I don't like if prepared right.

Oh, I came by to see if you would give us a peek! But instead there is still a world of squash.

Marly, I know I need to do a post but between yesterday's exhaustion in the studio and today's garden job, I haven't had a chance. I'm just on a lunch break now and must go outside again before the rain returns, to get the giant rhododendron back in the ground. It's taken a week to move as it is...another story for another time, maybe.