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Marja-Leena | 25/09/2010 | 6 comments
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As always just stunning. When I was a young child living in California, I came upon a cacti garden and ran my hands over the feathery surface of a cactus like the one above. Only to discover that those feathery threads of white were all lodged into the palms of my hands. Ouch! Your photos capture the delicacy of the plants lethality.

Oh look at all the dear little fluffy stars at the end of each leaf!

So beautiful! And soft!

Lilalia, thanks! Ouch, that's painful indeed. This plant though is truly of the feathery type, not a thorny cactus but a succulent called hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum sp.), a particularly small type.

Lucy and Beth, it was such a delight to find the fine hairs looking like stars with the macro lens.