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Hallowe'en time



Too busy in the studio and too tired and sore after some heavy gardening this past week, I'm taking the lazy route and reposting my spookiest image from two years ago. To put you and me in the mood for this scary season, here is a favourite past Hallowe'en post: Kekri and Samhain.

The Vancouver region features many Hallowe'en events this weekend. Some of our daughters in their young adult years often took part in the Parade of Lost Souls and the little ones loved the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Tomorrow evening the little trick-or-treaters will be roaming from door to door. Later in the evening we'll hopefully see some wonderful fireworks in our neigbourhood. Happy Hallowe'en to all!

Marja-Leena | 30/10/2011 | 6 comments
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Happy Halloween, ML.

Loved your pumpkin too!

Boo to you, too! And Happy Hallowe'en! May the treats outweigh the tricks. And may the lights of the pumpkins keep the chilly night at bay.

A harvest festival is pretty meaningless in Hawaii, but we like to celebrate it anyway, corny though it is. It's very 70's, you know. Good taste is not an option on Halloween!

Lucy and Rouchswalwe, thanks, hope yours has been fun.

Hattie, I saw your Hallowe'en party post - looks like y'all had fun. We're not expecting many trick or treaters at our door tonight so will just hole up in a back room with books, computers, games... and wait for the fireworks. It's clear and windy so should be a good night.

I'd never heard about Kekri before so it was definitely my treat for Hallowe'en. It's such a shame that traditional holidays have been commercialized to the point that even older people are rarely familiar with the origins.

I liked the picture on both posts.

Susan, glad this was of interest, and I agree that it's sad to lose the old and earth-based traditions. Even in Finland they now have our kind of Halloweens, sigh.

We just enjoyed some superb fireworks from our back deck, like having front-row seats, and they are still popping all around the neighbourhood. Where do they have the money for this? And the pollution... our bedroom window will be closed tonight.

How was your Hallowe'en, Susan? Did the snowstorms affect you at all? I gather a lot of children in certain areas of the eastern US and the Canadian Maritimes were not able to go out tonight.