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Granddaughter Niamh's hands

These are two of the several photos I took the day I had the idea to use an image of both our granddaughters' hands for our Christmas 2012 card. I might play with these some more for the possible new series of variations on hands, as I wrote before. Hmmm, I may have to find and coax the other granddaughter, daughters, husband, friends to willingly model their hands for me in the pursuit of my art so I don't have to use my own all the time.

Marja-Leena | 29/01/2013 | 2 comments
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It's very unusual to see a child's hand portrayed by themselves and interesting to see what can be told by looking at them. That she's young is obviously true, but not a baby. I can also tell she's trusting, loving, and probably very creative. One of the tricks of palmistry is to note how the fingers relate to one another by length. Confidence and creativity are often seen in people whose index finger balances the ring finger while growing above the nail bed of the middle finger. No, I'm not a palmist - just learned some bits long ago that I haven't forgotten. I guessed the other parts because she's you granddaughter.

You can see though, that a series of hand pictures could prove very entertaining indeed.

Susan, interesting what you observe! Yes, she's young at 7 and with all those characteristics. I didn't know that about the finger length. (I bet yours are like this too!) Thank you for this enlightening information. I'm looking forward to capturing our 12 year old granddaughter's hands next.