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As I mentioned in hand studies (2), I'm playing with the idea of a series of hands other than my own. Our twelve year old granddaughter was an eager and willing model at the scanner. We did a number of them of which these two are some of the favourites.

Marja-Leena | 04/02/2013 | 6 comments
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Oh! I am following your hand studies with much joy. These two touched my heart in a special way though. The Origami Crane is marvelous.

It's so interesting to see the forming of a soon to be adult hand. You can tell she's a beautiful child by that alone. The origami is very nice.

Rouchswalwe, I'm glad you like these, and especially this. I'm quite pleased with these, especially in black and white.

Susan, it's also interesting for me to compare her hands to mine. I'm looking forward to working some more on these and the other ones of her hands.

Somehow the poignancy of fleeting youth is especially caught with the origami.

That first one could be the model for a Fragonard hand... I especially like that one with it's delicate grasp.

Olga, ah yes, that is so, thanks for that thought.

Marly, Fragonard's models must have been very young and without dishpan hands. I tried to find in the scan those distinctive lines in the so-round fingertips but they are smooth as a baby's bottom. If I do include these in a print series along with older hands, they will be a stunning contrast - a statement about youth and age, perhaps?