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hand with daisies


A few days ago we slipped out for a walk between showers
(such mixed cold weather this spring).
Spotted drifts of tiny English daisies in the grass, in the park,
white and yellow with tinged pink edges and darker pink undersides.
Picked a few and put them in my pocket, took them home,
to be scanned.


Ah, then this, suddenly a new piece for 'the artist's hand-with-objects' series.

Read about the others here.
Seeing a possible print series in the future...

Marja-Leena | 18/03/2012 | 10 comments
themes: Human, Nature, Photoworks


I think I cried the first time I saw English daisies growing in the parks of Vancouver. The memory of holding my Dad's hand while I tried not to step on them was very strong. These scans you've made show their beauty and fragility, and also draw attention to their eternal innocence. We age but the daisies will always be there in the grass to catch another child's attention.

Susan, that is such a sweet memory! I don't think I'd ever seen these daisies until we moved here, another of those harbingers of spring.

Oh, I just read that the spring equinox has arrived here at 10:14 pm Vancouver time. But we had a snowstorm this morning which melted later, and more snow possibly tonight. Meanwhile eastern Canada is having summery weather. Weird.

Funny how the wedding ring gains resonance in this one!

It's too hot for those down South, but up here in upstate New York I see those little daisies in the parks and on lawns. My mother always calls them marguerites, but I'm not sure if they are proper marguerites.

Marly, added resonance... that's interesting! I was rather surprised to see the ring in this image as I forgot I'd taken it off for the earlier 'hands', but decided to leave it. I'm not sure if these flowers are marguerites, I think of taller ones by that name.

Saw my first daisies of the season today. I took some photographs to keep yours company.

Joe - oh, good! will you post them?

Ring goes so nicely with flowers! And conjures the once-upon-a-time bride.

Marly, this is sounding quite romantic - not my usual artistic theme, heh.

Yes, it is, except that it's not all sweet--your hand is more mature, and the flowers are plucked from their stems and scattered!

Marly, ooh, another meaning - ageing, withering, loss... but still with love....

Oddly, this fits in with my present thoughts after last night's viewing of the film: Love in the Time of Cholera. I've now put a hold on the book in the library as I'd never read it.